Well, I Guess I Just Don’t Know…

Here are four shows worth noting:

1.  Thursday March 22:  Purling Hiss are playing tomorrow night in Boston.  Only problem: the show is at The House of Blues, opening for Dr. Dog.  And it’s 30 bones.

And it’s at the House of NO MOSHING, recently re-named after a controversial pit at a Flogging Molly show caused Boston police to poop their pants and fine the shit outta the club.  I don’t feel like detailing it here, that scenario is a joke in itself.  Besides, The House of Blues is easily the worst venue in Boston, maybe in the whole world, they should be fined for consistently being a buncha assholes, dating back to the Avon days.

Not that I’d be moshing to Purling Hiss.  My physical reaction to their music would most likely resemble Beavis and Butthead’s:

Purling Hiss are so fucking good, I can’t believe all the aforementioned circumstances will prevent me from attending tomorrow’s show, but sometimes I gotta stick to my ethics, folks.  30$ is a ton of cash.

They played Castlevania Providence last summer with Sic Alps, both bands absolutely destroyed while all the Castlevania kids ran around in their undies, squirting each other with supersoakers.

A far cry from The House of Blues, indeed.

Also, are Dr. Dog good?  I remember trying to listen to them five years ago while in college and immediately wishing I was sleeping.  Or falling asleep immediately, can’t remember which.

2.  Friday March 23: Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth at Firehouse in Worcester with Styk and SET

Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth are from Turners Falls – Western MA represent!  On Feeding Tube Records, if that means something to you, congratulations, you are also a nerd!

This band was voted ‘most likely to disturb Rick Santorum’ in their high school yearbook:

I think I’m going to this.  Sincerely the most bizarre thing I’ve seen in a while. *That’s a compliment.

3.  Royal Headache announced they will be playing PA’s Lounge in Boston June 15.  They have a rad Elvis Costello/Ted Leo power pop thing going on.  I love their self-titled debut from last year.  Here are a couple songs:

4.  I was perusing The Met’s site and noticed there’s a band playing sometime soon called Reptar, named after the Rugrats epic dinosaur hero, I presume.  Brought to you by 95.5 WBRU.  I knew I should’ve been apprehensive.

But I decided to see if they were good.  I had assumed The Beets weren’t good, and their records feature surprisingly tight garage pop nuggets of freedom.  And their moniker’s taken from another great TV show of my youth, Doug .

Early Nickelodeon 90s cartoons are totally in now, dude.  I love making money off nostalgia, fuck yeah.



Seriously, though.  This is the reason why Vampire Weekend were so awful for modern music: they spawn shit that’s even worse.

This is the genuinely worst song I’ve heard in a long time.

Save your money, instead go see Purling Hiss, Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, and Royal Headache.



Ah yes, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the frogs are burping, and spring is right around the corner.  Can you think of a better way to celebrate the new season than welcoming back the worst music writer on the internet?

That’s right, ladiezzzz and gentlemen: Sex Sux AMEN is back and bleaker than ever!

Oh, you haven’t gotten complacent without SSA, have you?

Wait, Bon Iver won a Grammy while I was gone?

And now they’re advertising for whiskey on P-fork?

And their music is still more painful than playing Twister at a nursing home?



Mostly SSA will feature mostly stupid shit about shows happening in the Providence/Boston/Western MA areas and short beeps and boops about bands that I like.

email me with any shows I missed: sexsuxxamen@gmail.com

I will accept guest list spots, I suppose.  If you want help booking in Providence, throw me dat email.

Look at the concert calendar to the right, it’s pretty spectacular, folks.

Happy Spring!

5 Superb Songs

Now when I get these songs stuck in my head, I’ll have a place to go.

Happy June, motherfuckers!

I Got That Saturday Night Fever…for Deranged Providence Noise!

Much like the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, the Wu-Tang Clan, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the 2004 Boston Red Sox, the street-hood posse known as Holy Sheet are able to perform well separate from their buddies as they are able to perform together.

I mean, they’re obviously at their strongest and most dangerous when put together, but it’s always cool to see what unique flaws and skewed visions each member brings to the group.

Your next chance to view these maniacal mutants and potty-mouthed pulverizers comes Saturday night, May 7, 2011.

The following ghosts are haunting Providence Saturday night:
Alex Body, boogie from iowa city, iowa

alter-ego of Providence’s Xavier Valentine (a.k.a. MINARETTE)

cadiman, rise of the 4th dimension ghost lord

box scabbs (Kyle from Holy Sheet), trettorphilia vocals w/ synth and tape collage


lobotomizer, stage manager/houseband, pvd electro shred

c.v. cunt/ d.j. alligator shit (darik santos, real man of weenus), schizophrenic rap battle with poly amorous tones

Sex Sux (Amen) Vs. Big Troubles

They got our approval in 2010.  They shattered all pre-conceived notions regarding proper band websites.  They have never gotten into trouble, ever.  Mischief maybe, but never trouble.

That’s right folks, they are Big Troubles, they’re playin a free gig in Providence Saturday afternoon, and they’re even on speaking terms with this here mediocre blog!

Before I reveal the bro-fest I had with Alex from Big Troubles, I must mention that these guys are well-worth checking out for the following reasons:

When I worked in college radio, we had an intensely huge collection of 45s from the late 1980s/early 90s.  I’d sit in the studio for hours and throw on records that looked cool or were released on Slumberland Records or Chunk or something.

Big Troubles are the kind of band I would be looking for during these treasure hunts and blab about relentlessly.

If I still had a radio show, I’d have this shit on lock-down.

That’s a huge compliment, boys and girls, so ya’ll better pay attention and check this FREE SHOW out on Saturday!

Party on Benefit from 4pm until 8pm @ The Salon, 57 Eddy St, Providence:

John Maus, Dominique Young Unique, and Big Troubles

Interview: Sex Sux (Amen) Vs. Big Troubles

Sex Sux (Amen): What kind of pedals do you use to manufacture your noisy creations? 

Alex (Big Troubles): We like to use chorus, flange, phase, distortion/fuzz, reverb, and delay, etc. to achieve a certain “pitter-patter”.

Have you played in Providence before or is this your first time playing in our humble yet thrilling city?  If you have, what is the most impressive aspect of the city?

We have never played Providence before, and we are most excited about and impressed by the fact that it is not the city of Boston.

You guys are playing at a new space in town, The Salon.  According to rumors, the place used to be an actual place of hair-dos and hair-don’ts, before its transformation.  What is the coolest/weirdest space you’ve ever played?

Our strangest show experience is documented here:

Your band page is on the ground-breaking website ‘Angelfire.’  What is your time estimation for the ‘Angelfire’ band website craze to start catching on?  Are retro home-made websites the new cool thing in 2011?

A revival of Angelfire as a popular host for band pages seems unlikely, simply because it’s honestly a pretty horrible website! They don’t give you much hosting space at all and they stick banner ads on all of the pages…

OK imagine this hypothetical: it’s your birthday.  You can select any band ever to perform ‘happy birthday’ to you.  What band would it be?  What wish you ask for after blowing out the candles?

The Kelly Family Band would probably deliver a tremendous rendition of the birthday song. And as a token of our appreciation for The Kelly Family performing for us, we would wish that Paddy Kelly is in fact able to overcome his incontinence.

Do you guys have any new material that you may be playing at the show Saturday?  Do you have vinyl releases?  I imagine your band would sound cool on vinyl. 

We’ll be playing mostly new songs actually, and a few older ones from our first album, “Worry”, which we will have vinyl copies of with us at the show. That record is also getting a CD release from the Japanese label Plancha Records in late May.

Save me one.  Please.

May 1 Providence Coolness: Mayday Carnival, Lightning Bolt

Hey Providence, there are a couple cool events happening in town tomorrow, come on down to celebrate the first day of May and the marvelous weather we’ve been having!

Sunday, May 1, 2011: Providence, RI: Basement Brewhaus Basement Brewhaus

Mayday Carnival fundraiser for Libertalia

  • 4-10pm; What Cheer? Brigade perform at 7pm.

    This is a kid-friendly event with games, fun, food, beer and happy children!

    Also performing:

    Alec K. Redfearn and The Eyesores

    DJ Snaxxx and Staxxx.

    $5-10 donation gets you so much fun you wont be able to handle it!

A new social space is opening in Providence, RI early next month and we need your help. Libertalia is a place where we will actualize our politics and become a tangible political presence. Libertalia is an autonomous space for public initiatives and access to media to support our community’s power and encourage dialogue. It is a place where various antiauthoritarian projects may find a home free of charge.


Japanese Relief Lightning Bolt Concert

Featuring Providence punk smashers:

Human Beast
Daily Life

Lightning Bolt

@ The Met, Pawtucket, 9pm

Favorite Tracks Listened to on my Road-Trip

Just took a quick trip down to Richmond, VA.  Very cool city, went to a couple groovy record stores, picked up The Minutemen’s What Makes a Man Start Fires? and a few gnarly 7”s.

Here are a few killer tracks that aided my patience while stuck in endless Easter traffic:

Jeffrey Lewis – SeattleThe Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane – Rough Trade 2002

50 Cent – Get in My CarGet Rich or Die Tryin’ – Interscope 2003

Human Television – I LaughedLook at Who You’re Talking To – Gigantic Music 2006

The Clash – The Gates of the West – Originally Appeared on The Cost of Living EP, Heard here on The Clash on Broadway

Talking Heads – Cities (Live in NJ 1980) – The Name of This Band is Talking Heads – Sire 1982

(I couldn’t hunt down this version.  Instead, here is the famous show from Rome in 1980, featuring Adrian Belew.  Your welcome).

T Rex – Bang on a Gong (Get it On)Electric Warrior – Fly/Reprise 1971

Silver Jews – We Are RealAmerican Water – Drag City 1998

The Modern Lovers – I’m StraightThe Modern Lovers – Rhino 1976