Concert #14: The White Mice, Holy Sheet @ 17 Mules

Last minute (11:15pm) I decided to check out the 4/20/2010 celebration at 17 Mules.  Caught a few bands, can’t remember some of their names, but they all ruled, as is typical of the Olneyville scene.  The bits and pieces I recalled of the night:

1.  lots of people at the show + drunken hooligans + loud punk music = intense pit of mosh

2.  intense pot of mish + backwards hatted bros = unnecessary macho fighting

3.  unnecessary macho fighting + olneyville scene = high intensity escort off the premises aka get the fuck out and stay out!

4.  holy sheet’s consistent tomfoolery brought wide smiles to every cheek on my body

5.  the band after them contained the might and the power of three baby smugglers!

6.  i think there was a band before holy sheet and they were better than alice in chains, who were live at the dunk last weekend!  *editor’s note* this band is called krang.

7.  the white mice brought back my soul from a lackadaisical and empty hole.  thanks for rescuing me, weirdos!

8.  my ears were ringing and i buzzed my candy-ass all the way.  coombiyah, motherfuckers, coombiyah!

9.  conclusion: drop the people’s elbow and see the white mice next time they’re in town.


3 responses to “Concert #14: The White Mice, Holy Sheet @ 17 Mules

  1. travis stamatelos

    that band you mentioned in number 6…i believe they are called krang.

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