The Last 5 Records I Purchased


Galaxie 500 – Today – Aurora (1988)

I’ve been playing this off my laptop non-stop for the past month.  I stumbled upon the vinyl copy today at Armageddon Record Shop and had no choice but to purchase it.  What a fucking debut.  If blogs existed in 1988…Pants Explosion.

How beautiful is that cover art?

Read the Excellent Pitchfork Oral History Here


Parts and Labor – Mapmaker – Jagjaguwar (2007)

Somehow I had zero Parts and Labor records until now.  I should be publicly flogged by Dan Friel…


The Who – Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy – MCA (1971)

The Who’s Live At Leeds has been spinning on my turntable quite a bit lately.  Thought I needed a new record by them and I believe I picked out the correct piece of classic rock/punk history.  A greatest hits album, with Keith Moon’s drumming standing out on every track.  Also, one of the most memorable covers from The Who.


The Strange Boys – Be Brave – In the Red (2010)

Don’t sleep on The Strange Boys.  Their second album rocks with more subtlety than their debut and keeps up the distinctly intelligent and cocky Blonde-on-Blonde-era attitude.  Garage rock falls out of sky and crushes anything in its path.


Thee Oh Sees – The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In – Tomlab

These guys have a new record out right now, Warm Slime.  Prolific punk rocker John Dwyer produces weirdly infectious, energetic records.  I am obsessed with his music, and you should be, too.  Originally from Providence, now residing in San Francisco.  I need to catch them live.  Come home, Mr. Dwyer!

(From Warm Slime)

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