5 Records I Listened to in Order to Improve My Skillz at Goldeneye 007

I didn’t go out one night and instead I played Goldeneye 007 on my good ol’ Nintendo 64.

I tested my shooting skillz while playing several rock n roll records really deafeningly loud.  Totally unnecessarily loud.  Ear-plug-wearing, earth-shaking, way-over-the-top loud.

Not Mission of Burma or Dinosaur Jr loud, but close.

I tried defeating the Silo mission on 007 difficulty for two hours.  I don’t think I beat that damn level cuz I was bad-ass and played on wicked hard difficulty but I did fuck up some brainy, know-it-all scientist-types who got in my way and dedicated their demise to Fuhrer Palin.  Hail Satan!

PP7 silencers are cool cuz they are silent and accurate.  (Insert fart joke).

KF7-Soviets are cool cuz they spray a buncha bullets in one shot and have the capability to zoom in and shoot stupid Russians in the nads.

After dying at the hands of another annoying mess of brown-shirted butt-heads, at the end of yet another failed mission, I realized that I had been distracted.

I was more concerned with the music that I was raging out on.  I should have been focusing on completing the mission at hand.

That is my life in a nutshell.  The epitome Sex Sux (Amen).  In a video game analogy.  I am not a nerd.

In conclusion, here is the music that influenced my not-so-accurate button punching:

AC/DC – Highway to Hell

Blue Cheer -Vincebus Eruptum

The Black Lips – Let it Bloom

Jimi Hendrix – In the West (Live 1972)

Cream – Fresh Cream

2 responses to “5 Records I Listened to in Order to Improve My Skillz at Goldeneye 007

  1. A pretty joyous blog post, I must say. I will promptly procure some of these albums and play them as I am button mashing (masturbrating)

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