Concert #22: Girlfriends @ Great Scott

Concert #22: Girlfriends @ Great Scott, July 1, 7” Release/Tour Kick-Off Show

(Photo via Boston Phoenix Scott M. Lacey, I’ll take it down if I can’t borrow, don’t taser me, bros)

I finally had time off to check out one of Boston’s coolest young bands, Girlfriends.

They joined me for a unique Q and A session a couple months ago, jump-starting a cult sensation here on Sex Sux (Amen) known as thee Groveling Obeisance.

Sex Sux (Amen) subsequently blew-up due to the new found interest in simple and nerdy interviews with super-duper spectacular musicians and celebrities.  I barely have enough time to answer all the emails I get from people who want to tell me their life stories: Joe the Plumber, Fred Flinstone, Mo Vaughn, to name a few.

I have to take time here to thank Girlfriends for their contribution to the Sex Sux (Amen) family.

But back to the matter at hand: concert review, numero veintidos.

The record release/tour party attitude over-came the crowd at a pretty full Great Scott, forcing lots of fist-pumping, sing-a-longs, and happy butt-shuffling.  Seems like Girlfriends have quite the local following: they attracted the same sized crowd as the Health show at the Great Scott I went to a couple weeks back.

The cuts from their dope cassette tape sounded sick live cuz Benny has cool pedals and you can see him play around with them and that’s fun to watch cuz noisy pedals rule.

The Gov’t Seizure 7 inch kicks all sorts of butt.  Side 2 reminds me of The Fall cuz I’ve been listening to Hex Enduction Hour a bunch.  Buy it.

Four Eyes were the first openers and they filled the role nicely with some shambly garage pop.

Doomstar! followed up with some heavier/noisier still-garagey punk rock.

I think I’ve written a bunch about Girlfriends and don’t want to over-saturate the internet with my barely coherant ramblings.

They have an intense dorky punk rock charm that only can be truly understood and appreciated when seen in a live setting.

So go see them play on their current big tour, and if you’re from Providence, be sure to check out their gig at The 201 with Colleen Green on August 14.  Colleen Green plays Blink 182 and No Bunny covers as well as her own cool tunes.

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