Concert Catch-Up: #’s 23-30

I’ve fallen behind on the past month and a half of attended concerts.  Here’s a brief synopsis of each, in mildly coherent jibberish:

Concert #23 Liberty Fest, Smith Hill, Providence, July 4

Viennagram were musically like John Spencer Blues Explosion and their stage antics were similar to Man Man and they got fireworks thrown at them and it was triumphant cuz their lead singer was dressed up like Uncle Sam and acted like Willy Wonka and I don’t remember anyone else I saw because Viennagram over-shadowed them with their pizzazz.

Concert #24 The Flaming Lips with Matt and Kim at Lupos, Providence July 6

First time I saw the Lips they sucked cuz At War with the Mystics is such an atrocity.  Plus they were over-shadowed by Mission of Burma and Yo La Tengo.  This time they ruled.  The music from Embryonics pairs better with their intense stage show than that last diarrhea album, Wayne Coyne is still kinda obnoxious, Matt and Kim are really fucking energetic about being annoying, and my friend Joe blogged about it more in depth here.

Here is Wayne Coyne trying to crush my head with his bubble:

Concert #25 – Armageddon Presents… AS220, Providence, July 15

Dios Mio, Lifers, Voetsek, Soul Control

I enjoyed Dios Mio the most because they were from Milwaukee and the lead singer looked like Sean Penn circa Ridgemont High and they were the most enjoyable hardcore band I’ve seen in quite a while dudes.

Concert #26 – Whartscape

I’ve already explained almost all of that, ya dingis.

Concert #27 – No Babies, Orange Coax, Nervous Systems, Bellows Building 16, July 29, Providence

No Babies and Orange Coax = 2 No Wave lovin’ bands = like the yellin’ and the saxophone and the jumpin and the Contortions and just listen to No New York a couple times and you’ll catch my drift.  Nervous Systems played music.  Bellows, this was my second favorite set I’ve seen them play out of three.

Concert #28 – Newport Folk Fest August 1

Aw crap I have a bunch to say about this.  I’ll revisit this someday…

Concert #29 – Cacaw,  Siouxcity Pete and the Beggars, Weeping Wounds, Cave Girls 8/3 at The 201, Providence

Cacaw had two women in the band that looked like these annoying girls I went to college with except they rocked out harder than thirty-seven Geodudes fighting twenty Onixes in a battle for rock-hard supremacy.  Aka they melted my face with their rifts and sponge-bathed my brain with their energy and made me forget all the morons I met in college for a half hour, an almost impossible feat.

Concert #30 – Foo Fest @ AS220, August 14, Providence

What Cheer? Brigade and Big Nazo created a dance pit of out all the weirdo families in Providence and it was sorta miraculous anyone survived the important violence.

Javelin then captured that energy and churned out a fantastic fucking set and I danced harder than ten guinea pigs at a rodeo.

War Paint had The Pope introduce them.  And then I forgot they were playing woops!

ESG were ridiculously old and reminded me of the hip hop version of the Young Marble Giants.  The drummer wore a Frosted Flakes racing shirt and kept my booty a-shakin’.

Megasus had the worst sound ever, tough luck, but Brian Gibson is a pretty good drummer and they were good when I could actually hear the singer and half the instruments as opposed to like the guitar and the drums and that’s it.  I pogoed around the mosh pit for about thirty seconds and took another five minutes to catch my breath.

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