Sex Sux (Amen) Presents: The Undeniably Cool Mix-Tape Volume 1

Sex Sux (Amen) Presents: The Undeniably Cool Mix-Tape Volume 1

I’ve compiled a decent 7” and singles collection over the past few years, due to my frequent visits to the best record stores ever: Mystery Train in Amherst, Turn it Up! in Northampton, Armageddon in Providence.

Unfortunately, since I currently don’t host a radio show, these pretty pieces of plastic have been sitting around, gathering dust.  Sorry, I can’t stand next to my player and switch records on and off for hours.  Extreme tedium gives me a headache.  (See: high school, the real world, etc)

Finally, I recently solved the agonizing problem: I started taping these delightful vinyl recordings onto tape in order to play them in my shitty car’s cassette deck!

The first of these little grundles of joy, The Undeniably Cool Mix-Tape, is a bit sloppy, uneven, and cruelly put together.  (Side One finishes in the middle of a Comet Gain song).  There aren’t any smooth transitions or spectacular, never-before-heard obscurities.  And a few of the tracks are from full-length LP’s, woops.

But, there are hot tunes, blasphemous tales of woe, hump-tracks, grizzly bears, and overall perfect bursts of cheap punk rock.

Most of these tracks were taken from records I purchased in the past year that I had kinda forgotten about.  In the future, I’ll maybe make more cohesive compilations, maybe do an all B-Sides tape, an all-decade set, or one based around one nonsense word, like spermatozoa.

Plus, I’m currently working on Volume 2, stay tuned!

If you’d like a copy:

I’ll offer the first couple free, cuz I have a couple spare tapes lying around.  They will lack any type of art, probably.  Or maybe not.

If anyone else wants one, we can set up a barter or sale.
Perhaps I’ll figure out how to convert cassette to digital…

Either way, if you have any interest, email me here:

And, if you don’t want your music freely promoted on any of these tapes, I admire your ignorance, and yeah, email me, I’ll erase you from existence, yuck yuck yuck.

Here’s Volume 1,  plus the original album art, release year, and record label, in case you ever want to pick a copy up for your own enjoyment.

*These are all 7”s and singles unless otherwise noted.

The Undeniably Cool Mix-Tape Volume 1

Side One

1.  Sebadoh – Gimme Indie Rock – Homestead Records – 1991

2.  The Thermals – A Pillar of Salt – Sub Pop Records – 2007

3.  Blue Cheer – Rock Me Baby – Appears on Vincebus Eruptum – Phillips Records – 1968

4.  Cause Co-Motion – Baby Don’t Do It – What’s Your Rupture? – 2006

5.  The Jesus and Mary Chain – Heat – Split 7” with Mudhoney – Soil X Samples 7 – Warner Bros. Records – 1992

6.  Warren Zevon – Lawyers, Guns, and Money – Appears on Excitable Boy – Asylum Records – 1978

7.  Modest Mouse – Breath In, Breathe Out – Broke 7” – Sub Pop Records – 1996

8.  Patti Smith – Because the Night – Arista – 1978

9.  Black Cobra – Intercepter – At a Loss – 2008

10.  Dub Narcotic Sound System – Wasted/Groove – K Records – 1997

11.  The Stooges – 1969 – Elektra – 1969

12.  Sonic Youth – Bull in the Heather – Appears on Battery Park, NYC: July 4th 2008 LP – Matador Records – 2009

13.  Stereolab – Ping Pong – Duophonic – 1994

14.  Comet Gain – If I Had a Soul – Mailorder Freak 7” Singles Club – Kill Rock Stars – 1998

Side Two

1.  A. H. Kraken – Gianna Michaels – Sweet Rot Records – 2008

2.  Wooden Shijps – Loose Lips – Sub Pop Records – 2007

3.  Mudhoney – You Stupid Asshole – Originally Performed by The Angry Samoans – Split 7” with Gas Huffer – Musical Tragedies/Empy Records – 1992

4.  Big Black – He’s a Whore – Originally Performed by Cheap Trick – Touch and Go – 1987

5.  The Hipshakes – Big Black Hole – Not Oblivians EP – Goner Records – 2006

6.  Girlfriends – Government Seizure – Aurora7 Records – 2010

7.  Kreviss – Unveiled – Scratch Records – 1992

8.  Cococoma – Never Be True – Tour Split with The Handshakes – Tic Tac Totally! Records – 2ooy

9.  Brief Weeds – (Its So Hard Not to) Say Hello – A Very Generous Portrait – K Records – 1991

10.  Comet Gain – Beautiful Despair (12”) – What’s Your Rupture – 2006

11.  Free Kitten – Guilty Pleasures (Ode to/Eau de Pavement) – Lick! – In the Red – 1993

12.  The Strokes – NYC Cops – Hard to Explain 7” – RCA – 2002

13.  Heavenly – Hearts and Crosses – P.U.N.K. Girl 7” – Sarah Records – 1993

14.  The Botswanas – Primitive High – Little Witch 7” – Feralette Records – 1994

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