Concert #31 – Purple Rhinestone Eagle @ AS220/Concert Preview(s)

Bellows, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Whore Paint, Cave Girls @ AS220 August 26

Purple Rhinestone Eagle, a three-piece heavy rock group from Portland, burned down AS220 with their Black Sabbath riffs and psychedelic trips this past Thursday night.  The all-girl trio really brought their A-games and much of the Providence crowd seemed like they were head-banging or mouth-gaping at the loud music excellence.  I had to pick my face off the floor several times cuz it kept melting off.  I heard someone yell next to me: “They’re so FUCKING GOOD.”  I nodded my head in agreement.  One of the cooler bands I’ve seen in a while.  They, as the saying goes, fucking slayed.

This was me Thursday night during Purple Rhinestone Eagle, minus the Nazism and all that.

I didn’t see much of Bellows set, sorry dudes, but catch them anytime you can.  That’s what I typically do.  Check out my older reviews if you want an idea of what they’re about.

Whore Paint and Cave Girls I missed again…

There’s a bunch of shows happening in the area over the next week.

*Kind of indie rock heroes side projects week har har:

Upcoming Concerts

Wednesday, September 1 @ AS220, Providence

Rangda (Sir Richard Bishop, Drag City Records), Denim Venom, Alec K

This is bound to be a psychedelic night of trippy trippiness.

Odds of me going: 50%

Friday, September 3 @ AS220, Providence

unFact (featuring David Wm. Sims of The Jesus Lizard), Noveller (Sarah Lipstate of Parts and Labor), Animal Hospital, The Glass Shivers

Odds of me going: 60%

Saturday, September 4 @ AS220, Providence:

Armageddon Shop Presents

Sweet Apple (members of Dinosaur Jr, Witch, Cobra Verde), Today is the Day, A Storm of Light, Ocean

Odds of me going: 40% (I work most Saturday nights)

Monday, September 6 @ The Middle East, Boston:

Odds of me going: 69%

Monday, September 6 @ Club Hell, Providence

Holy Fuck, Tinsel Teeth

Odds of me going: 31%

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