Concert #35: Thee Oh Sees @ Firehouse 13

Thee Oh Sees are the greatest band in the world.

September 18: Thee Oh Sees, Atlantic Thrills, The Dividers @ Firehouse 13, Providence

I don’t have much to say about this show.  I’m at a loss for words.  I think this was my favorite show of the year, I danced and sweated a bunch, and it overall was crucial to keeping my sanity intact.  Grunge garage spunk in its prime.

Thee Oh Sees kicked all sorts of ass and surpassed the rather high expectations I had for them.  The opening garage rock bands, The Dividers and Atlantic Thrills, were cool.  I have a few pictures:

The Dividers

Atlantic Thrills

Thee Oh Sees

Bonus: Here’s a recording of Thee Oh Sees set. I borrowed it from somewhere, so if you don’t want me to post it, let me know, I’ll take it down with a frown.

One response to “Concert #35: Thee Oh Sees @ Firehouse 13

  1. hey, sorry to hear about the car-break-in and the loss of the ipod; Prov is a cool place, but has it’s ugly corners, like everywhere i guess; wanted to say thanks very much for the photos from Firehouse No.13, i thoroughly enjoyed all 3 sets, but particulary Thee Oh Sees, which was the first time i had heard their music, and i definitely look forward to when they come this way again; Dividers were great as well; i recorded all 3 bands, however, thanks for the alt. recording of Thee Oh Sees, nice to have; cheers on your informative site

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