Concert #37: Malaikat Dan Singa @ Machines with Magnets

Concert #37: Malaikat Dan Singa, Olneyville Sound System, Alec and Orion @ Machines with Magnets, September 29

Malaikat Dan Singa is Arrington de Dionyso of Old Time Relijun on guitar/bass clarinet/vocals, with a highly capable and tight bass/drums duo blasting away and keeping up with Arrington’s unbelievable talent.  They were amongst one of the most fascinating performers I’ve had the luck to experience in the year 2010.  I hate to romanticize too much, but I might have witnessed the birth of an entirely new genre of music. Or this was the coolest thing in indie rock, circa 2015.  The future is now, indeed.

In order to get a feel for what was going through my mind during the performance, I’ve presented my slightly unhinged/jibberish/crazed notes on Malaikat Dan Singa:

Sung entirely in Indonesian, translated poems by William Blake, fucking punk shronk, dirty nasty rip-roaring guitar playing, liquid drip mesmerizing drone, speaking in tongues, bass clarinet, slithering dance rhythms, a new genre of music exploding before only 30 very lucky people, so original, new, and enjoyable all at once, sweaty smells, I didn’t hit a single red light on the way home because I was listening to the tape I purchased, dude wore a red mask to symbolize cultural boundaries being crushed, brilliant, more meaningful lyrics because the way he spit that shit, the way he snarled and drooled the pains and agony of the music, and proved you don’t need to know what the fuck they’re saying, the weirdest thing I’ve ever been compelled to dance to, I had no control over my body, I had to dance to this Indonesian punk funk or my life was meaningless.

Whew.  Take a breath, read that over again, and then go listen to Malaikat Dan Singa for a little while.

Local punk metal pioneers Olneyville Sound System were cool and rocked hard.  I would’ve had more to write about them if Malaikat hadn’t stolen the night, I can only fit so many things in my brain.

Alec, aka Alec K Redfearn, and Orion played deranged carnival muzak on accordion and organ-y keyboards.  Alec played a solo encore of St. James Infirmary which chilled my back into paralysis and I cried quietly in the corner.

More Malaikat Dan Singa:

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