Concert #38: Castlevania Returns!

Holy Sheet, Mystery Band, Slut Dungeon @ Castlevania, Providence, Oct 2

Aha!  Ask and you shall receive.  On a previous post, I wished for more weirdo warehouse shows.  And then, kazaam, there was one booked like a day later.

I’m like Shaq when he was a magician or genie or something.  Makin’ all dem wishes come true.  Now he’s a leprechaun!!!!!!!!

Indeed, the return of Castlevania was an emotional time, like a family reunion, if you were in the Tanner family, on Full House.  Except instead of telling wholesome tales of over-coming adversity, you decide to watch skating videos and watch deranged fart punk and not shower for a few months.

First on was Holy Sheet, who I’ve written about well over 300 times and probably don’t deserve anymore freakin’ press.  I mean, talk about over-exposure!  Over-hype!  Blog buzz band #1!

Before you know it, NME is going to be sniffin up their behinds and Rolling Stone is going to be all up in Olyneville Square, peddling nudey photos of Kate Perry and Michael Jackson, in order to get enough money to pay for a five minute interview with the one and only Holy Sheet.

Check them out before they sell out to Fox News or, even worse, Pitchfork!

Next came a band whose name eluded my lackadaisical reporting skillz.   For now they are going to be referred to as Mystery Band.  I know, totally original, dude.

If you actually know who they were, I’ll slide a nice editor’s note in right here:

Mystery Band were kinda boring at first but then they either stepped their games up or started playing their better material.  I recall standing on one side of the stage, an intermission taking place, and moving to the other side during the break.  When they restarted, it was like seeing/hearing two different bands.  I dunno if the perspective changed things or I am deaf or there were technical problems.  Whatever, their second half tore off all the tops of all the canned goods in the place.  Plus, there was dancing!  Whaaaat?

Seriously tho, who are you?  I actually liked you!

The last band I caught were Slut Dungeon.  They played in the dungeon.  It smelled weird and my camera took all sorts of fucked up pictures.  I dug their noisy cacophonous belligerence and the crowd reacted like they were huffing asbestos.

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