Something Stinks, And It’s YOU

I’ve been putting all the cool videos I’ve found lately on Tumblr:

Today, I decided to change that trend:

  • Everyone and their mom likes the new Deerhunter.  Really tho, my mom heard Deerhunter this morning and said she dug this tune:
  • I’ve been listening to Double Nickels on the Dime so often, it seems like there’s nothing else worth listening to.  Besides the Rolling Stones…
  • Q: Did Spoon quietly release one of the best records of the year?
  • A: Yes, Transference is remarkable, hype-free, and their best since Kill the Moonlight.
  • I was just listening to Galaxie 500’s version of “Dont Let Our Youth Go to Waste” as I was writing this stupid article.  At the end, when they’re making a racket with their guitars, an airplane drove over my house, and I could’ve sworn it was part of the song.  Then, that plane crashed into Scott Brown’s truck and he farted in anger.  Don’t fart back in anger!
  • I can’t get this song outta my head.  Here those guys play it at that zany Altamont show:
  • Thurston Moore meets Mike Watt:
  • Hot Chip and Justice always sucked and now nobody listens to them ahahaha.


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