Review: Throat Razor Benefit Show, Brooklyn

My main man Kyle hit me with a review of the Throat Razor Benefit Show in Brooklyn from this past Saturday at Death by Audio (1/15/2011).  Apparently the gig was organized by some RISD graduates…

“Throat-Razor is a fundraiser event to help raise awareness
and money to open a non-profit art co-op in New York.”
-Laura Perez-Harris

Bands that performed:

Rat Bastard
Holy Sheet
Shawn Greenlee
Black Diamond Hearted Boy

-dba is a factory space venue in brooklyn, art on the walls, everything is falling apart, big open space, theres a stage, a sound guy, and another room in the back
with the marker smelling bathrooms, the merch tables, and the bar.

-Laura Perez-Harris was awesome, put on the whole show, made forty burritos for the bands and gave us white moncala bead drink tickets for the stash of yuengling bottles at the bar she brought.

-dubknowdub one kid dressed in an all white gownd with red and white tribalish face paint. minmalistic noise, pretty rad.

-don’t know what their set up was, or if they had a rad performance, or were just pedal pushers. we were still on our way to the show.

-Black diamond hearted boy – was a one man noise act, pre-recorded and he did vocals over it, I liked it, but I like weird shit, nothing catchy, and what looked like free burnt cd’s for the merch table, didn’t snag one or a burrito, the burrito would’ve probably been better.

-shawn greenlee has some awesome equipment, this wood turnable noise thing, a light that makes sound from reading a book he moves under it, his computer and what ever programs and crazy other electronics he has, just brutal noise.

-holy sheet played on the floor in the middle of the show.  watch the video here:

-human beast played an awesome set on stage to a packed room, literally packed. I don’t how people saw.  I sat on top of my amp to film the set.

-it was catchy and fun, but also noisey and fucking crazy, with ropes and costumes and bootlicking.

-rat bastard is some famed noise guy, he does i.n.c and played with a couple other guys on guitar.

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