Holy Sheet’s New Tape

‘Holy Sheet Cassette’ Review

They’ve been in written about in The New Yorker. They’ve toured most of the country, including Fuhrer Palin’s demonic Alaska, USA. They’ve been twisting the nipples of Providence’s underground music community since 2009. Now you can own part of history with your own Holy Sheet cassette, easily the most gutless monstrosity ever put to tape by humans or apes.

Sprung from the satanic bowels of the most degenerative and guilt-ridden sewers of Olneyville, Providence, this so-called music will take you on a journey through the very depths of your most mental and disturbing memories, images, and thoughts.

Credit is to due to Evin Huguenin, who demonstrated an inordinate amount of courage in attempting to capture Holy Sheet’s nonsense on a recording device. After corralling the four-some into an elevator shaft at the now-defunct 17 Mules warehouse, Huguenin convinced these degenerates into belting out their greatest hits, misses, and kisses in only two takes, before the nausea was too much to take.

Are you demonstrating early signs of dementia? Have you recently developed a taste for fish oil? Does the phrase ‘prolapsed rectum’ make you giggle like a school-girl? Chances are, Holy Sheet’s mixture of mewling cats, scatter-brained synthesizers, and pulsating drumbeats are right up your alley, bruddy.

The time is now to destroy your ear sacks and face holes by listening to Holy Sheet’s torturous, neurotic, blabbering nonsense.

Album art credits:

Cover from Sweatshop, Olneyville. Providence, on 12/7/2009, ‘the night of the white cat masks.’  Taken by Rachel Fae Coleman.
Inside Cover from Machines with Magnets, Pawtucket, RI, on 9/15/2010, via Sex Sux (Amen)
Back Cover from Albany, NY, 1/15/2010

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