January 21 @ The 201: Brain Shivers, White Load, and Holy Sheet

Brain Shivers, White Load, Holy Sheet @ The 201, 1/21/2011.

This show was marred by an abundance of chomsky luck, probably caused by bad vibes from the local Parents for Purity in Punk Society (PPPS).

Flying Trichecos first canceled at the beginning of the week, due to a scary incident with several bullies.  Brown Sugar got into a car crash cuz they were all getting road head, simultaneously, from no one.  And White Load’s newest 7” didn’t make it into town after the truck delivering it was hijacked by local low-rent mobsters who are hoping to finally sell copies at Walmart.

Luckily, this led to hatred, and this hatred filled the souls of every chilly body at The 201 in Providence.  A pretty nasty electricity jolted through the air and shot people in the rear and made even the most homeless person in the room dance until even he could no longer remember Puff Daddy’s newest moniker.  Mo money, mo problems, indeed!

Despite the hatred, the snow, and the campaign to end punk rock in Providence, the show did go on, and a decent crowd showed up to ridicule Providence anti-heroes Brain Shivers, White Load, and Holy Sheet.

Brain Shivers were the first group to go on.   I may or may not have seen them play before, but, either way, they rubbed against my Friday night chubby, causing a decent-sized tent to form in my pants.  Only four people decided to camp out, which was fine, because I only had 6 marshmallows to offer.

Their singer worked the room in a deliberate, precise manner, staggering around occasionally, pausing to scream, and pouring forth all the blood and grease he had in his soul into the mouths of his adoring fans.

Hillbillies were most likely the intended victims for these hate-filled rants.  The vocal work molded well with BS’s guitar/bass/drums heavy hardcore attack.  Their music rocked pretty OK, although it wasn’t quite as up in yr grill as the dengis clan White Load.

I saw these guys at a hazy gig back at 17 Mules (RIP) with She Rides around a year ago.  They fuckin’ brought it this time around, spraying even more aggravated soliloquies about battered husbands, shirtless fatties, pulled hamstrings, cheap manicures, and other real-life, seriously serious issues.

In reality, the leader of this local troupe seemed pissed most about the fact that someone had tried sabotaging the night, which fucking sucks, but the show went on, which fucking rules.

These miscues may have fueled these dudes a bit, cuz they fuckin rocked everyone’s collected asses off.  Everyone’s butts literally were laying on the ground after White Load played the rock n roll music.  An emergency butt doctor was called in to salvage everyone’s, even the assholes.

Plus, the singer kept provoking the crowd by pushing them around, throwing beer, and farting in our general direction.  I know I got sprayed directly in the eye, I saw the beer being projected in slow motion towards my face, and failed to duck in time.  I was blinded momentarily, thanks, nut-bag.

I missed out on the Holy Sheet performance, due to ol’ fashioned bull-doody/confusion/assholeness.  Correction: it was simply due to assholeness.

Good news: I picked up their new cassette tape!

In any event, the night proved that Providence has nothing to prove.

Check out some of these bands in February at the AS220 “Can’t Stand the Northeast” mini-fest, featuring: Lolita Black, Brain Shivers, White Load, Lifers, To Hell and Back, Homostupids, Libyans, and The Third Death.

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