Eastern Butcher Block Show/Fest: Providence, RI

Providence played host to a series of concerts last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights (Jan 27, 28, 29) at the Eastern Butcher Block space on Eagle St.  This is an art project hosted by R.K. Projects…

music performances • site-specific light installation • sculpture •

Thursday January 27th
Tritanium Alloy (Boston)
Animal Hospital (Boston)
Black Thread (France)
Area C

Friday January 28th
Noise Nomads (Northampton,MA)
Siege Engine

Saturday January 29th

Time Ghost
Evil Spirits (Maine)
Larry Marshall
Pet Police (Boston)

According to their Facebook page:

“R.K. Projects will be hosting a series of art exhibitions in pop-up gallery spaces around the Providence area. Borrowing available commercial properties and industrial spaces to develop a new type of public platform for exhibiting art, they will be conducting various creative projects.  R.K. Projects intends to engage the public, with the hope that these artistic collaborations will revitalize the economy of under-recognized spaces while offering emerging and established artists new opportunities to exhibit their work.”

Kyle was able to check out the Friday night performance and took a video of Work/Death and did a mini- interview with Don’t Try about the three-days of music and art.

What is a pop up gallery?

“a pop up gallery is a gallery that “pops up” in an otherwise unused space and is only acting as a gallery space for a limited amount of time. These particular pop ups are run by R.K. Projects. This was actually my first, as the original one I was going to be a part of was not a musical performance, but a performance piece that was considered too risky to perform in a public space.
I absolutely loved it, and think that it was the best performance I have done and felt as if everything went incredibly smoothly.”-Don’t Try


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