Can’t Stand the Northeast 2011 @ AS220

Can’t Stand the Northeast: February 19, 2011 @ AS220, Providence

A positively strange mix of punk metal and hardcore fornicated with one another in order to spawn another memorable night of live Providence music the night of February 19.  Luckily, I had my camera in hand in order to re-create the long night of twists and turns.

When I say twisting and turning, I’m referring to, of course, the state of my underpants during the entire night’s proceedings.  I got some serious wedgies going on, fatty.

To start the night, I had some prior obligations, destroying my efforts towards checking out the first few grumpy souls.  Most of those bands rule, you don’t need me to tell you that.

Fortunately, after I got a tad bit, um, distracted, I also missed To Hell and Back and Lolita Black.  Woops.  I was lazy and didn’t ask anyone if they were good, feel free to comment on their worthiness.  Praise the mediocre journalism.

Finally, I got myself in order, just in time to catch Drop Dead’s surprise set.  I witnessed exactly one and a half songs and realized I had seen the yeller last week at the I, Destroyer gig.  Cuz he’s the guy on vox in that crew, too.

I wasn’t sad that I missed almost their whole set, cuz I remembered they were playin in May around here again, and I’ll get a proper show then.

(Dude, didn’t you see them at Foo Fest?  Nah, brah.  I suck.)

Libyans, from Boston, played next, and they were decent.  The singer pushed some crusties outta the way, jumped in the pit, shouted some stuff.  Nothing too much to report here.  That girl had spunk.  Check out the pics:

The next band who most likely got kicked outta the psych-ward were the Homostupids from Cleveland.  They were the best part of the night, brought some awfully strange and loud heavy rock/punk to AS220 and were quite different from the other sets.  One of the loudest sets I’ve heard in quite a while, Dinosaur Jr-esque, just completed blinded my ears…

Plus, Homostupids seemed like pretty self-deprecating, funny dudes.  Simply, their music was loud, awesome, and idiotic.  At first I wasn’t sure if they sucked and they were just dicking around or if they were just really great and dicking around.  And it ended up being the latter.

Random thought: If Lou Barlow wasn’t such a pussy and actually just tried to one-up Dinosaur Jr. in the rocking/loudness category, perhaps Sebadoh wouldn’t suck so bad.  And then they might sound something like Homostupids.  I’m not making any sense.  However, it is true Homostupids would kick those guys’ asses any day.  Sebadoh suck.

Third Death brought the night to a close with a reunion gig.  I thought they were OK, nothing out of the ordinary hardcore skuzz punk metal whatever the fuck it gets categorized as so we can name drop weird genres that stupid folk don’t git in order to separate ourselves, deep breath aimless rant.  Sorry about that.

Third Death were yet another Providence band that probably were cooler ten years ago, sorry guys, it was fucking hard to follow Homostupids, they were really impressive.

I was more entertained by the burn-out who was explaining to me the finer points of breathing fire.  Summary: “You must put in a perfect amount of alcohol mixed with the correct exertion of spitting out of the mouth.  You must practice this several times to get it right.  You will most likely burn your face off a few times.”  Yeah, right on dude, you rule.  Also: “My band got kicked outta AS220 cuz we were ‘too violent.'”

Final thoughts: Let’s have more festivals in Providence during these cruddy cold months.  I’ll help.  Seriously.

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