Holy Sheet: Hit the Road, Jerks

Strike Up The Band!  All Hail to the Queef!  Praise All That is Holy!

Holy Sheet, the only important band from Providence, ever, are planning on driving an automobile or space ship around the United States of America and performing their highly intellectual musical jibber jabber for the masses. The Minutemen once said “The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts.”  That rule applies here.

Not a single person, living or dying or already dead, is ready to wrap their tiny little minds around the filth, fury, rage, and mass disturbia that is about to engulf even the most liberal state in the union, Alabama.

The disaster tour kicks off on March 11 at the new Providence venue Artisan Cafe, and will feature other Providence morons Tinsel Teeth, R&B Motherfuckers, and Human Beast.  The freak show continues through the city-states of Chicago, New Orleans, Austin, and ends up in the purgatory that is New York City.  Towns will be engulfed and pooped out along the way.  Even the pathetic suck-fest South by Southwest will find their butts being plugged by our little rapscallions.

Catch the Holy Sheet band on this upcoming tour, for in the future, according to the mighty Miss Cleo, these guys will headline such festivals as Bonnaroo, Pitchfork, and even that Jimmy Buffett guy’s cruise ship, “Death to Yuppies.”

A once in a life-time journey through heaven and hell, Earth and Mars, and all cracks in between, don’t miss on the Holy Sheet tour: Spring/March 2011.

Don’t forget to pick up the new fucking cassette tape, it rocks, read all about it here.

Tour Dates:

March 11th Providence R.I @ Artisan Cafe w/ Tinsel Teeth/Human Beast/R.B.M.F.

March 12th Philadelphia, PA @ The Olive Garden w/holydirt/heavymedical/worshiper

March 13th Cleveland, OH @ boo box w/ Mr. California

March 14th Chicago, IL @ Mortville Warehouse space w/ Lechugiallus/Harsh Boys

March 15th Iowa City @ White Lightning Warehouse space w/Harsh Boys

March 16th St. Louis Missouri @ Camp Concentration w/ spelling bee/Harsh Boys

March 17th Nashville, TN @ Green Womb W/ Private Estate/Harsh Boys

March 18th Little Rock Arkansas @ Happy Fuckers Unite! w/Harsh Boys

March 19h SXSW @ Student co-op/party loft/hounds of love w/Harsh Boys

March 20th Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land w/Harsh Boys

March 21st Lafayette, Louisiana @ House show w/ God Of All Texas w/Harsh Boys

March 22nd New Orleans tba help w/Harsh Boys

March 23rd Jacksonville, FL house show w/ National Diary

March 24th Macon, Georgia @ Golden Bough Bookstore

March 25thGreensboro, NC @ 412 N Ceader

March 26th Richmond Virginia Help tba

March 27th Baltimore, MD help tba

March 28th Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn w/ human beast/bees/Harsh Boys

5 responses to “Holy Sheet: Hit the Road, Jerks

  1. You post too much shit about holy sheet like they’re the only good bands in providence. I know alot more talented younger musicians in that area.

    • Great feedback! I’ll be sure to stop writing about the ‘shit’ I like because of your insightful comment! I am officially only writing Peter-approved material, starting now.

      This blog is sure to go to the tip-top in no time!

      Peter, you have changed my life in countless ways! Thank you so much for your remarks! How can I ever repay you?


  3. Hey there,
    C. from Grinchfinger here…
    We are ecstatic to play with Holy Sheet on March 24th!
    On a side note, you should check out Dropdead, also from Providence; and a staple for true grind enthusiasts.
    ….Anal Cunt is from/playing shows in your area currently as well.

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