Tinsel Teeth/I, Destroyer @ AS220

Party Pigs/Woozy/I, Destroyer/Tinsel Teeth @ AS220 Friday, February 11, 2011

Tinsel Teeth

The main attraction of the night, and the hands-down champion of unfettered beauty, were the hardcore maniacs known as Tinsel Teeth.  Lead singer makes the Tasmanian Devil look like a pukey little punk-ass bitch.  I guess Iggy would maybe perhaps try to touch her and they could shag a bit and then we’d feel OK about not leaving him out of the comparison conversation.  Does he always come up in order to parallel with extremely charismatic/deranged leaders of punk groups?  Yep.  That’ll happen forever.

This was actually the first full Tinsel Teeth set I’ve had to displeasure to crap my pants through.  Thanks, Oops I Crapped My Pants!

I had always nearly missed them, seen one song, or been flirting with a girl outside (once) (and nope, I didn’t make out with her).

Seemed like they brought their F-games, the crowd was enthusiastically inebriated, and all constipated villains were able to evacuate their bowels for at least one night of the week.

The balloons only added to the craziness…

Check them out when they play with Holy Sheet, Human Beast, and the Rhythm and Blues Motherfuckers at Artisan Cafe 345 S. Water St. in Providence on March 11.

Party Pigs

New group?  Nice Slice?  Actually have sacrificed pigs?

Whatever the rumors may be, the fact is that these guys are the real deal and need to be seen by any of you Providence punk poseurs.  I’m looking in the mirror while I type this.  Woops!

Seriously, I enjoyed these guys second-most next to Tinsel Teeth.  Rock on, brothers.  You were loud, I appreciate losing feeling in my ear drums.

Rock over Providence, rock over London.

Plus, this video is pretty rad:


I thought they were pretty good for what they were going for: hazy psychedelic weirdness stoner space-out rock, with pretty pictures behind them.  Desert psych?  Dessert psych?

Drugs.  That’s all you really need to know.

I, Destroyer

Had an enthusiastic crowd, old people hardcore/metal, there’s a Drop Dead connection, a decent mosh pit, I could dig it for a little while.  There was some edge left there, they hadn’t totally lost it, but I imagine seeing these guys in their primes was a much more entertaining/less weird experience.

Ageist fool, you can’t talk about I, Destroyer, like that!  They will, um, destroy you!

OK fine, they were the best thing since my first burp.

Good night overall, thanks guys!

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