Concert Preview: Benefit Show April 8 @ AS220

In case you haven’t noticed, April and May 2011 are chock fulla potentially tremendous musical concerts and performances in the Providence/Boston area.  Both local stalwarts and touring legends are coming through the area.

Check out the concert calendar to your left.  Ha ha just kidding, it’s on the right.

Note: if you think your show belongs on the list, email me

The awesome string of shows started out last weekend at Building 16.  Headliner Juiceboxxx brought the house down.  Maybe/perhaps I’ll pull some sentences together later for a more comprehensive recap of that there fiesta.

Tomorrow night (April 8), at AS220, a whole buncha tight bands are performing to benefit some righteous cause.  We here at Sex Sux (Amen) support causes AND happen to like quite a few of the bands on the bill.

Check out some old photos and get pumped for Friday night.  Be there or be a dumb ass.

Bands performing: Raffles, White Load, Brain Shivers, In Heat, Gila Monster, Rhythm and Blues Motherfuckers, Woozy, More? 730 start, allegedly.

Rhythm and Blues Motherfuckers

White Load

Brain Shivers

Gila Monster

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