Sex Sux (Amen) Presents: (no longer) skimask season

We at Sex Sux (Amen) have decided to branch out beyond the world of free-base bee bop and classical tree-hugging music and try something a little different.

Today, we are very proud to showcase a strange section of music that might catch on sometime soon.

That rapidly-rising genre of music is called Asian polka.

Haha just kidding, it’s time for Sex Sux to tackle the world of hop hip.

Here’s a real dope mix of tasty hip hop nuggets, featuring a few in-depth anecdotes about each song.

Big ups to my killah hip hop coreyspondent for the contribution.

Download it here: (no longer) ski mask season

Sex Sux (Amen) Presents: (no longer) ski season

*Pusha T – Alone in Vegas (2011) [Fear of God]

A simple beat that outshines the mostly disappointing Fear of God, Mr. Ton gets all introspective here and elevates his lyrical game from the rest of his new solo tape. Still have to think the Kanye executive-produced solo album will be a can’t-miss, even if their collab elsewhere on Fear is just a throwaway track.

Ric Flair with the flame, I’m muthafucking gorgeous

*CunninLynguists – Hard As They Come (Act I) f. Freddie Gibbs (2011) [Oneirology]

For some reason this beat makes me think of the Ghostbusters teaming up with Rocky to train (thankfully giving Harold Ramis the opportunity to return to normal person size) and then taking on Apollo Creed’s ghost.

But shit if Freddie doesn’t sound like he destroys tracks like this on the reg, dude’s just got a blackout flow for every song. I have to thank the leak of this song and listening to CunninLynguists new album for finally leading me deeper into their group and checking out Southernunderground and Dirty Acres, so that’s pretty kewl since these dudes are legit.

Grab Oneiorology for more left-field production and sweet songs (plus a dope Big K.R.I.T. feature).

*Blu – Amnesia (2011) [Amnesia EP]

Blu stumbles around on the second verse here, ending with a Nic Cage snippet that doesn’t quite adapt (loldurrz) to Billie ridin out the beat – but what a beat it is. That smoldering voice, which gets just the right placement in the mix, forms a nice kinship with Blu’s understated flow. Distant relatives perhaps?

Either way, look out for Blu’s Her Favorite Colo(u)r, his unreleased debut, to see the light of day this April.

Leave me the fuck alone til’ I find a real job

*Fashawn – Relaxation feat J. Cole & Omen (2011) [Higher Learning 2]

The absolute peak of J. Cole’s career so far and don’t even try to tell me otherwise. Cole’s one to stay in his lane without changing it up as much as I’d like, but at least when he’s on, he’s on.

Besides this tape highlight, Cole also drops two other nice production spots for Fashawn’s uniformly good Higher Learning 2. All three verses are killer, runnin up to blow some harsh-ass smoke in your ear canal while those horns smolder underneath.

*Raekwon – Snake Pond (2011) [Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang]

Rae’s new album doesn’t quite reach the heights of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, but this song in particular struck me as an instant personal classic.

The Asian influenced beat makes perfect sense for the Wu and it’s a wonder it took this long for one of their songs to incorporate that kind of thing so seamlessly. It’s this sort of experimentation from producers outside the RZA-sphere that makes Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang an interesting experience.

Sometimes it’s hard to give much of a fuck about what Raekwon is saying (Wu blaspheme?) – to me he’s always more of an accent to the song, climbing over the beat in a dizzying series of one-offs and brilliant word splatter – but he’s got some nice quotables in this song (she shot up at Chipotle, don’t quote me).

*Earl Sweatshirt – epaR ft. Vince Staples (2010) [Earl Sweatshirt]

Ok by now I hope even your dad is rocking to Odd Future, as 2011 has seen their profile explode with Tyler, the Creator’s second solo effort debuting on XL.

For those poor souls who haven’t found the charm in OFWGKTA: soak this track in, a brash blend of young perverted minds and Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” (though careful if you feelin The Blueprint around Earl).

Earl’s been called the most skilled MC in the group and even with the ascent of OFWGKTA it’s hard not to feel like we’re missing out on something special as long as he’s MIA. Props to Left Brain for a beat so sinister no one could be mad at it.

*G-Side – Jones ft. P.O.P.E. (2011) [The One… Cohesive]

RIYL: Lush synth washes + stadium drums + fierce down South spittin. Love what Block Beataz are doing right now and those drums really set this song off. G-side have been on a run for a while and really cemented their status this year with The One… Cohesive. Please just forget this ever happened.

Props to them for doing something different, but that’s moderately whack.

*Jay Electronica – Renaissance Man (2007) [Style Wars EP]

Just to let you know Jay Elec is indeed alive. I remember seeing him on Twitter recently inviting people over to smoke, chill and record music. I think if I’d reached a certain level of fame I might just do the same, so I can’t fault him.

But in other genres where you can get away with hiding out for years only to reemerge occasionally to drop some music, the what’s-good-this-minute rap mentality is not forgiving for Jay and he needs to tread carefully.

Anyway, how wrong is the music that comes in after Neo’s monologue? WHERE’S DA RAWK?? I actually almost edited it out but got too lazy, plus that’d leave hardly I song. Why did I choose this song again? Uhh just to remind you what Jay can do:

sooooo yeah. At least motherfucker might release something this year after all.

*Chip tha Ripper – Jumanji (2011) [Gift Raps]

Chuck Inglish produced most of Chip’s great new mixtap, but I love the grittier sound he displays here and hope in the future he channels that more often. The Browns’ fanbase should become Jumanji enthusiasts and make this song their call to arms, building on the Dawg Pound idea and creating a dedicated jungle section of their stadium, actually fuck that, the whole thing – turn that mofo into a jungle.

Remember that Jacksonville game where they rained batteries and shit down and almost got it called off? Imagine the fear and terror a whole stadium could inflict dressed as crazy jungle animals (bonus Furry market growth) and going apeshit for four quarters! You’ve got nothing left Cleveland, make it happen.

*Waka Flocka Flame – Bill Russell (2011) [Salute Me or Shoot Me 3]

By now you’ve found out this isn’t much of a playlist for the car. Anyways, this song is almost… umm, I hate to use this word for a clown like Waka but this shit’s, like, touching. I can’t promise my love for Bill Russell, a fellow pot-stirrer like Waka, isn’t creeping in and saturating my brain.

Russell’s contentious relationship with the world around him for the better part of his early years is a feeling Waka indirectly taps into on this song. Popmatters’ David Amidon made a great point that Waka is actually turning into a rapper of late and for someone who’s said lyrics don’t mean shit, Waka’s performance on the mic is impressive here.

P.S., it slays me hearing his crazy half-yelling, half-laughing ad-libs going on in background; “I can buy my own stove right now!!!”

*Money Making Jam Boyz – Hear You Say ft. Khari Mateen (2011) [THE PRESTIGE: Jam Boy Magic {I’m surprised they aren’t legally bound by the hip hop community to put a *PAUSE* in that title}]

Love the music’s OutKast vibe from this Roots off-shoot on this cut from their recent mixtape. And hellz yeah for a shout out to drinking the “finest ale”, I bet he’s a craft beer aficionado, that would just make perfect sense wouldn’t it? Smoothness abounds to ride out to. What’s that? Too smooth? Fuck you, go back to your hood and shoot up your cousin’s nipple.

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