1 Year Anniversary! Letter from the Editor!

One year down and here are some thoughts from your faithful leader:

Dear readers,

Providence, RI, has a rich punk rock history, filled with despicable tragedy, amicable complacency, unspeakable truancy, and a penchant for being cool, original, and interesting.

The tunes you find in these parts are far ahead of any type of blog hype you might find on your local indie rock dudebro twitter account.  Providence’s music scene has a certain organic quality that allows for some of the weirdest, most mind-shifting shit to percolate and claw into the greyest depths of the brain’s innermost awareness and sub-conscious.

Those that live in this circle of musical experimentation already know how cool things currently are in the smallest state’s most capitol town.

That’s why Sex Sux (Amen) finds it kind of a shame that there is such an extreme lack of knowledge outside of these boundaries, a common misunderstanding between the outside world and our little Willie Wonka factories of miscaculated dumpster pop.

This week marks one year that Sex Sux (Amen) has been festering on this here internet URL.  We’ve seen hundreds of bands come and go, in our eyes, out our ears, and through to the other side (our butts).  Sex Sux (Amen) hasn’t hesitated in commenting on the strengths and faults of our courageous brethren.  Truly, anything written on here is all in good fun, in case you were wondering.

Don’t take offense to the impulses of a caffeinated indie-bro’s unedited ramblings, hello!

But there comes a time when a blog must grow up a little, and today marks that day here at Sex Sux (Amen).  We are going to strive to build our community up a little bigger every week, showcasing the talent found in and around Providence, and even expanding to some of our interesting neighbors, such as Western MA and Boston.  We can’t help knowing cool people all over the place, geez, we can’t help ourselves.

An emphasis will be put more on the great leaders in our musical communities here in the Northeast, the taste makers, movers, shakers, earth-quakers, and the Shakiras.

I’m supremely excited about where Sex Sux (Amen) is heading and am quite proud of all we’ve accomplished here over the past year.  I thank anyone who has read or contributed anything to this little blog.  I continue to beckon any and all of you to participate in our little experimentation.

Send me an email at sexsuxxamen@gmail.com if you think you’ve got something unique to add to the universe.


El Guapo

PS: Nothing will ever get this self-serious again, I promise.

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