Sex Sux (Amen) Vs. Big Troubles

They got our approval in 2010.  They shattered all pre-conceived notions regarding proper band websites.  They have never gotten into trouble, ever.  Mischief maybe, but never trouble.

That’s right folks, they are Big Troubles, they’re playin a free gig in Providence Saturday afternoon, and they’re even on speaking terms with this here mediocre blog!

Before I reveal the bro-fest I had with Alex from Big Troubles, I must mention that these guys are well-worth checking out for the following reasons:

When I worked in college radio, we had an intensely huge collection of 45s from the late 1980s/early 90s.  I’d sit in the studio for hours and throw on records that looked cool or were released on Slumberland Records or Chunk or something.

Big Troubles are the kind of band I would be looking for during these treasure hunts and blab about relentlessly.

If I still had a radio show, I’d have this shit on lock-down.

That’s a huge compliment, boys and girls, so ya’ll better pay attention and check this FREE SHOW out on Saturday!

Party on Benefit from 4pm until 8pm @ The Salon, 57 Eddy St, Providence:

John Maus, Dominique Young Unique, and Big Troubles

Interview: Sex Sux (Amen) Vs. Big Troubles

Sex Sux (Amen): What kind of pedals do you use to manufacture your noisy creations? 

Alex (Big Troubles): We like to use chorus, flange, phase, distortion/fuzz, reverb, and delay, etc. to achieve a certain “pitter-patter”.

Have you played in Providence before or is this your first time playing in our humble yet thrilling city?  If you have, what is the most impressive aspect of the city?

We have never played Providence before, and we are most excited about and impressed by the fact that it is not the city of Boston.

You guys are playing at a new space in town, The Salon.  According to rumors, the place used to be an actual place of hair-dos and hair-don’ts, before its transformation.  What is the coolest/weirdest space you’ve ever played?

Our strangest show experience is documented here:

Your band page is on the ground-breaking website ‘Angelfire.’  What is your time estimation for the ‘Angelfire’ band website craze to start catching on?  Are retro home-made websites the new cool thing in 2011?

A revival of Angelfire as a popular host for band pages seems unlikely, simply because it’s honestly a pretty horrible website! They don’t give you much hosting space at all and they stick banner ads on all of the pages…

OK imagine this hypothetical: it’s your birthday.  You can select any band ever to perform ‘happy birthday’ to you.  What band would it be?  What wish you ask for after blowing out the candles?

The Kelly Family Band would probably deliver a tremendous rendition of the birthday song. And as a token of our appreciation for The Kelly Family performing for us, we would wish that Paddy Kelly is in fact able to overcome his incontinence.

Do you guys have any new material that you may be playing at the show Saturday?  Do you have vinyl releases?  I imagine your band would sound cool on vinyl. 

We’ll be playing mostly new songs actually, and a few older ones from our first album, “Worry”, which we will have vinyl copies of with us at the show. That record is also getting a CD release from the Japanese label Plancha Records in late May.

Save me one.  Please.

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