About (Amen)

Sex Sux (Amen) is brought to you by: Pokemon (Red Version), Sarah Palin, Charles Bukowski, Peter Pan, dogs, Andre Breton, Pedro Martinez’s change-up, Paul’s Boutique, “Having a Blast” by Green Day, Jean Luc Godard, Peter Prescott’s vocals, Boy Meets World, Steve Prefontaine, The Wire, The Graduate, Back to the Future Parts 1-3, David Byrne, Lester Bangs, The Watchmen, dinosaurs, In the Red Records, The New Yorker, Bristol Palin, Mark Arm, elephants, and The Vaselines.

Credentials as of April 8, 2010, @ 10:40pm

Giving Myself Permission to Talk as Much Game About Music as I Feel Like on This Blog


Full Fucking Disclosure

Music elitist: Seven years running, or, since the first time I heard “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.”

College Radio DJ: Four Years

Concert Reviewer: Two Years

College Radio Music Director: One Year

College Radio Programming Director: One Year

CMJ Music Marathons: Three Years

Zine Producer: One Year

Blogger: Nine Months

Avid Record Collector: Three Years

Twitter (Regular User): Two and One Half Months

Plus a disturbing pile of concert stubs, posters, mosh pits, road trips, butt touchings, bummed cigarettes, head bangings, vinyl sales, band T’s, and shared farts.

Add it all together and whattya get?

One Giant Bunghole: 22 Years and counting…

Hi, nice to meet yah!

What the fuck? What the hell?  What is this bull-shit?

What is it exactly that you’ll find on Sex Sux (Amen)?

1.  Mixes that I compile, either scientifically, or randomly.

2.  Music reviews, mostly about 45’s, or 7 inches, since they’re cheap.

3.  Concert reviews, about the booming Providence, RI, punk scene.

4.  Band profiles of musicians I’d like to profess my love towards.

5.  Film, comics, and book reviews that I spring from my loins from time to time.

Mostly, you’ll find 1-4 on a consistent basis.

Warning: riting may suffer from my over-the-top passion for certain pieces of music/film/art/comics/books/etc…

See: Future Wooden Shjips review for more information.

In conclusion:

I’m shootin’ straight from the hip,

Taking no prisoners,

Living for the moment,

Eating Texas Toast,

Crushing Cliche’s like it’s nobody else’s business,

And sticking up for the bad guys for once.

So stop making sense,

Open up your house to strangers,

Sit down, stand up, sit down again,

Say cheese and die, and, of course,

Treat me like a dog.

One response to “About (Amen)

  1. Good shit bud! Are you going to have like a concert calendar thing on here would be much appreciated us tech kids dont get away from our computers very often unless were informed of good shows!

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