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Concerts #32-33: An AS220 Weekend

Concert #32: Animal Hospital, UnFact, Noveller @ AS220

Last Friday I checked out an experimental triple-bill at AS220, perfect for a rainy night:

Animal Hospital, from Boston, kept it real with his slow-building, looping-centered tunes.  I dug that he had a projector displaying his set-up of synths and electronic instruments, showing exactly how he was making his climatic pieces of music.  Plus he threw in a couple guitar lines to help bring to life his creations.  Very cool stuff.

UnFact, or David Wm. Sims of The Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid, and Rapeman, brought out his bass and showed off his skillz for ambient experimenting, stomping on his delay pedals expertly, like a nerdy kid dominating DDR.

Noveller, or Sarah Lipstate, ex-Parts and Labor(er), made music with her guitar, and, much like UnFact, had a mess of pedals at her disposal.  Also made some beautiful musical art.

Overall, I’m not obviously I’m not well-versed in this area, specifically the different pedals that were used at this performance, but I dug it, fo sho, and you should check out these guys if they ever drop by yr local art space.

Concert #33: Sweet Apple

I forgot my debit card at the bar Friday night so I had to return to AS220 Saturday.  What a bummer, since I was already there, I figured I’d stay to check out Sweet Apple’s set.  And damn, it was great!  J Mascis on drums, Cobra Verde’s Tim Parnin and John Petkovic on guitar, and Dave Sweetapple (Witch) on vox.

Those dudes ripped up the place with their torrid bar band blues, devouring a few pages from Eric Davidson’s gunk punk history lesson We Never Learn, and made my weekend a million times happier.  I especially enjoyed watching the mega-enthusiastic fans up front.  My theory is their joy aided in the band moving up their efforts a couple notches.  Very cool, big ups to Armageddon, as usual hooking up the nasty shows.

Here’s the totally mint cover art from Sweet Apple’s record:

I missed the other bands, I had to work and was too pooped to head-bang to tha metal…