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Concerts #32-33: An AS220 Weekend

Concert #32: Animal Hospital, UnFact, Noveller @ AS220

Last Friday I checked out an experimental triple-bill at AS220, perfect for a rainy night:

Animal Hospital, from Boston, kept it real with his slow-building, looping-centered tunes.  I dug that he had a projector displaying his set-up of synths and electronic instruments, showing exactly how he was making his climatic pieces of music.  Plus he threw in a couple guitar lines to help bring to life his creations.  Very cool stuff.

UnFact, or David Wm. Sims of The Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid, and Rapeman, brought out his bass and showed off his skillz for ambient experimenting, stomping on his delay pedals expertly, like a nerdy kid dominating DDR.

Noveller, or Sarah Lipstate, ex-Parts and Labor(er), made music with her guitar, and, much like UnFact, had a mess of pedals at her disposal.  Also made some beautiful musical art.

Overall, I’m not obviously I’m not well-versed in this area, specifically the different pedals that were used at this performance, but I dug it, fo sho, and you should check out these guys if they ever drop by yr local art space.

Concert #33: Sweet Apple

I forgot my debit card at the bar Friday night so I had to return to AS220 Saturday.  What a bummer, since I was already there, I figured I’d stay to check out Sweet Apple’s set.  And damn, it was great!  J Mascis on drums, Cobra Verde’s Tim Parnin and John Petkovic on guitar, and Dave Sweetapple (Witch) on vox.

Those dudes ripped up the place with their torrid bar band blues, devouring a few pages from Eric Davidson’s gunk punk history lesson We Never Learn, and made my weekend a million times happier.  I especially enjoyed watching the mega-enthusiastic fans up front.  My theory is their joy aided in the band moving up their efforts a couple notches.  Very cool, big ups to Armageddon, as usual hooking up the nasty shows.

Here’s the totally mint cover art from Sweet Apple’s record:

I missed the other bands, I had to work and was too pooped to head-bang to tha metal…

Groveling Obseisance #3: Psychedelic Horseshit

Once I went to AS220 and saw Psychedelic Horseshit.

Nothing was going on that night and I figured I’d check out that band Cokemachineglow really liked.  Plus they shit on Wavves and No Age and that was OK to me cuz those bands are repugnant.

I didn’t bother listening to them before the show since I wanted to walk on the wild side and be surprised.   And I probably forgot about the show until that night…

Without a doubt, Psychedelic Horseshit were profoundly impressive and I drank lots of Naragansetts and avoided this old chick by hiding in the shadows.  Glad I went but I was pissed cuz nearly nobody else did except for the openers’ friends who I didn’t listen to at all.

Tends to happen at AS220, people show up for the local openers and bail before the better headlining band comes on, like when I saw the Intelligence and there were twelve people in the room.

Lesson: next time the Horseshit Psychedelics come to your town, try to drop in and buy them a shot of something strong.

Here’s an interview I did with Matt Horseshit that will help explain why they rule:

1.  Why do you make music?
since we made a butterfly trap in the middle of high street place and all these babysitters protested i figured that maybe there was a better way to turn on the lights. we heard that in guitar magazine back page ads that “you too can be a star and make millions of dollars and do millions of drugs”, so after this movie about the origins of human species thru dinosaur bones we called that number and this dude dave came over with all these instruments and taught us only how not to play the blues along to bb king eric clapton team up record. i originally hated the idea of playing music but then this group of choir students heard us playing and said to get on up like a james brown sucker punch and we treaded water until dawn. then other people started to dig it and i was on a mountain of cocaine and before i knew what was what we had this “shitgaze” album and MTV was like giving us free weed and telling us that we were gonna be bigger than no age. so i guess thats why we’ve kept it up til now, but after telling you all this i’m really not sure why we still do it.  i can’t even remember the last time i had 6.50 for a dime bag of crack, god love food stamps.
2.  What records, off the top of your head, greatly changed the way you thought about music?
james brown – hear it is
public enemy- fear of a blank planet
boogie down productions- by all beans necessary
that jimi hendrix bootleg where he’s soloing for 45 minutes with only 2 bongo players as accompannment and he was supposedly getting a BJ for most of side 2 totally shreds
anything by weezer
3.  Who is your favorite television cartoon character?
i dont watch tv, never have, my parents said it would give me eye cancer so they locked theirs up in the closet til i was eighteen, and by that point my eyes just couldnt adjust to all the moving colors concentrated so greatly in one area, i think that spuds makenzie is pretty cool tho, used to have a keychain by him, got me drinking beer at age 7.