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Groveling Obseisance #5: Chris Sutton of Hornet Leg

Portland’s demented garage rock lo-fi outfit Hornet Leg released my one of my very favorite records last year, Ribbon of Fear. Here’s the very cool album art:

Chris Sutton is the leader of Hornet Leg and he is a bad, bad man.  Not only has he played sporadically in three unique and splendid K Records musical groups (Dub Narcotic Sound System on bass, C.O.C.O. on drums, and Hornet Leg on guitar) he even answered email questions sent by yours truly:

1.  Why do you make music?

I make music because it’s the only thing I can possibly do.  I love it so much and it’s the main driving force in my life be it, listening, performing, watching, or even reading about music.  It’s such an interesting question because I can’t think about anything else.

2.  What records, off the top of your head, greatly changed the way you thought about music?

Oh man I feel like that answer could be one big endless paragraph.  Off the top of my head some front runners would be:

I Know You Fine But How You Doin’-Gories
S/T-Beat Happening
S/T-Last Poets
S/T-Velvet Underground & Nico
White Blood Cells-White Stripes
Numbers Life-Numbers
Upside Down-Fela Kuti
Three Feet High & Rising-De La Soul

This could go on forever…

3.  What is the classiest thing you have ever done?  Least classy?

The Classiest thing I’ve probably ever done was drink High Tea at a place in London called Selfridges, which serves pink finger sandwiches and they put strawberries in your champagne.  It was during the week of the Wimbledon tennis tournament so there were a lot of rich upper crusties and word is that the queen of england has her tea there on certain days.

Least Classy? Probably the time I tried crystal meth with my friend Larry.  Pretty weird.


Hornet Leg – Bloody Hands:

The Dub Narcotic Sound System – Fuck Shit Up (cover by The John Spencer Blues Explosion follows):