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Ah yes, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the frogs are burping, and spring is right around the corner.  Can you think of a better way to celebrate the new season than welcoming back the worst music writer on the internet?

That’s right, ladiezzzz and gentlemen: Sex Sux AMEN is back and bleaker than ever!

Oh, you haven’t gotten complacent without SSA, have you?

Wait, Bon Iver won a Grammy while I was gone?

And now they’re advertising for whiskey on P-fork?

And their music is still more painful than playing Twister at a nursing home?



Mostly SSA will feature mostly stupid shit about shows happening in the Providence/Boston/Western MA areas and short beeps and boops about bands that I like.

email me with any shows I missed: sexsuxxamen@gmail.com

I will accept guest list spots, I suppose.  If you want help booking in Providence, throw me dat email.

Look at the concert calendar to the right, it’s pretty spectacular, folks.

Happy Spring!

5 Summer Jamz for the Broz and the Squirrelz

Compiling my favorite summer records so far is one of the corniest exercises I could possibly think of performing for this here blog.  Enjoy!

1.  King Khan and the BBQ Show – I’ll Be Loving You – Invisible Girl – In the Red Records 2009

Put this doo-wap record on while I swam in my pool on the first day of summer after a testy pick-up game of b-ball.  Spaced out on a dilapidated inner tube for forty-five minutes while King Khan and Mark Sultan were rhapsodizing in the background.  Dig it.

2.  Electrelane – Only One Thing Is Needed – The Power Out -Too Pure 2004

One of the best bands nobody ever talks about.  I was cleaning my room and this track came on and I did a lil’ jig and my dog ran in the room and hid under the bed.

3.  Carsick Cars – Zhong Nan Hai – You Can Listen, You Can Talk – Maybe Mars Records

Chinese punk rock from Beijing.  I saw them perform at Hampshire College last fall.  I had never heard these guys before and I damn near hugged them after hearing three songs.  Instead, I lost my cool and dove into the mosh pit with a buncha weird Asian groupies.  It was wonderful.

I finally got around to illegally downloading their record and I listened to it the other night, just chillin’ in my car in the driveway with the seat down low.  Like a Hold Steady or Springsteen song.

Fuck, I love Carsick Cars so much I’m going to post three videos.

4.  Silver Jews – American Water – Blue Arrangements/People – Drag City Records 1998

I challenge you to find two songs in a row on any record that are more summer-inspired than these.  I can just imagine DB and SM driving around in a crappy truck with a couple junky acoustic guitars and penning these numbers while passing around a jug of wine.

5.  The Roots – Mellow My Man – Do You Want More?!!!??! – Geffen 1995

When ?uestlove drops in those drums, right before Black Thought comes in with his rhymes.  When Malik B starts to spit, and the horns come in.  Those perfect musical moments are THE epitome of good summer vibes and buzzes, my broz and squirrelz.