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8 Records I Cleaned Today…

The following are eight (8) musical recordings I purchased on real-deal vinyl.  I noticed their grooves were a little gunked up and skippy when I tried playing them and I chose to place them in a neglected, need-to-clean pile.  AKA forgotten about.  Until today.

They were sitting together for quite a while, ladies and gents, and these eight records clearly bonded until they became brothers and sisters, a family of ignored music.

I present them to you in their anti-cohesive glory:

The Rolling Stones – Now! – London – 1965

I dropped my copy of the Rolling Stones Now! onto my laptop, directly onto the keyboard and apparently a delicate part, because it farted out and disappeared for a few minutes.  Also destroyed in the melee was the Q on my keyboard.

(Edit: I think i fixed it tho so not destroyed, only mildly injured.  My computer is not JD Drew.  My computer is Cal Ripken).

After that deluxe breakfast of blues inspired young Stones blurry tantrums and cheek-humping, I pursed my lips, did a hip-swivel, and delivered my very-best Mick Jagger impression that nobody is never gonna see, yah yah yah.

Panda Bear – Person Pitch – Paw Tracks – 2007

Still my favorite Animal Collective-related album ever.  I find AC records to be uneven and this one is cohesive and beautiful and bangs and rules from start to happy ending.  I can’t wait to hear the newest Panda Bear, coming to the internet pretty soon.

Note: I don’t like Merriweather Post Pavilion at all.  I listened to a good forty minutes of it last time I went to Newbury Comics and I stood by my original initial reaction: borrrrrinnnng.  My friend Alex was there and he agreed.

So there’s that.  And then there’s this:

Neil Young – After the Gold Rush – Reprise – 1970

Shut-up, Neil Young.  I dare yah to stop being brilliant.


Boo-yah, Stuart Scott told me to tell you that, Mr. Young.

Sonic Youth – Live @ Battery Park July 4 2008 – Matador(k)

This little live recording came with my copy of The Eternal.  I’m always excited about uploading pretty cover photos of Kim Gordon.

Um, the first reason I love this record is because it introduced me to this song:

Nina Nastasia – Run to Ruin – Touch and Go – 2003

This record is downright evil and scary and somewhat disturbing.  The dirty string arrangements thwart any sense of security brought on by Nina Nastasia’s straight-outta-heaven vocals.  I listened to this record two times to combat my guilt for not buying her newest release “Outlaster”.  Her lyrical content can square off with any other man, woman, child, or even dog writer in the world ever.

I’m leaving out aliens because nobody is a better writer than William Shatner.  Ah, the Shat-factor.  Always hovering near-by, even when you don’t realize it.

Deerhunter – Cryptograms – Kranky – 2007

Still my favorite Brandon Cox release.  When I’m in the mood for a good old-fashioned mind-fuck, I go to this record.

Country Joe and the Fish – Here We Are Again – Vanguard – 1969

I bought this one solely based on the silly cover and my far-off memory of a Lester Bangs write-up of these, I asssume, goofy, hairy bastards.  I thought it was kinda like the Grateful Dead and shit like that, but a little better. 

Jale – Dreamcake – Sub Pop – 1994

One of those Sub Pop bands that nobody ever remembers because they were only around for four or five years in the early nineties and were over-shadowed by those big bands that influenced douche-bag-rock aka nu-metal.

Note: I love those bands.  Nirvana rules.  Meh, don’t feel like writing about that today.  Save that for another post.

Jale = Smack-crackle-pop!  Grunge pop with grrrrlz from Canada who you probably took creative writing with freshman year!