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Concert #18: 17 Mules, May 25

Another show in the Weird part of Providence…

Gila Monster – Abrasive (compliment) no-wave rriot grrl-fronted trio from Rhode Island.

MONSTERS that played with the energy of at least seven electrodes.

Kokomo – I don’t remember this band.  Either they were boring or I missed them.  Guess that makes them forgettable.

Megachurch – AWESOME.  Instrumental post-punk with sampled, angry vocals.  Think Shellac minus Albini’s vox plus ties.

Sadly missed Clan of the Cave Bear and Holy Sheet.  Apparently HS’s last show for a while/forever (I don’t remember which), people are moving on to other things, like jobs, etc… according to one of their “musicians.”  I can’t remember the exact reasons, but they sounded valid.

I’m disappointed.  I guess they weren’t on a label/making much money from touring.

Good riddance, ya filthy assholes, you were one of the best/least tasteful parts of Providence.  I will miss the undies, the howling, the lack of attention to detail, and the dancing.