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Out of Thee Archives #1: Interview with Grizzly Bear

I’ve stumbled across a buncha interviews from one of my old radio shows!!!

“Fallen Through the Cracks” was originally broadcast from the studios of 91.1 FM WMUA, at UMass-Amherst.

My program started as a solo project and evolved into a dangerous triple-threat in the spring of 2007 when my two bros, Alex and Gabe,  joined forces with me.

That semester we filled our two and a half hour slot with lively discussions with our favorite musicians, in between spinning the newest hot indie rock tracks.  In retrospect, we had considerable taste for a couple twenty year-old sophomore music geeks.  And even decent interview skillz!

Of course, there were some snags, considering we chose to do the interviews live on air, rather than taping them beforehand.  Awkward pauses and silly questions were part of the deal and added a considerable amount of endearment to the process.

I’d say four outta five worked out well, since most of the musicians we spoke with were mighty nice and appreciative of our interest.

The first of these conversations was done with rising star and very nice dude Edward Droste, lead singer of the newest indie rock sensation of 2007, Grizzly Bear.  Hot off their success with Yellow House (Warp, 2006), the group were on tour, swinging through Northampton, MA, to visit the Iron Horse with The Dirty Projectors…

Here’s the interview, around fifteen minutes long.

Note: Since it’s nearly four years old, there is a bit of scratchiness to the recording.

Grizzly Bear Interview with Fallen Through the Cracks, January 2007

Bonus: Here is my concert preview and review of that show, from my days writing for the college paper, The Daily Collegian.

Note: I didn’t write the headline “The Grizzly Bear roars into Northampton.”  The editors there were borderline illiterates, no big deal.