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In Retrospect: The Who – Live at the Isle of Wright Festival 1970

During one of the coldest and most boring nights of last winter I stumbled upon The Who Live at Isle of Wright Festival 1970 on TV.

I couldn’t believe I was watching The Who.  They were entirely different from the bloated and depressing baby-boomer nostalgia act I had been accustomed to.   I was especially enraptured in Keith Moon’s intense drumming.  I might have cried from the drumming, actually.

Forty-five minutes later I realized I hadn’t moved a single cell on my body.  I was in rock shock.

I had no idea how great The Who had been in their heyday.

I was really turned off by their weird “patriotic” 9/11 performances, their corn-syrupy ‘concept’ ‘rock opera’ albums, and Roger Daltrey’s Roger Plant-esque hair-do.  And the whole “every CSI has a Who song as the opening” really sucks, too.  And the Super Bowl performance was the worst and secretly a walking CBS commercial.  Geez, I really needed a nasty performances to depict how good The Who had truly been, and luckily the Isle of Wright show did that exact thing.

So, for those of you who were going through a similar anti-Who crisis, here are a few videos from that gig that smashes and bangs harder than alll yo mommas: