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Groveling Obseisance #2: Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Lewis has quietly dug out a niche (hole?) in the underground arts community.  His output has been so staggeringly impressive that I’ve had a hard time properly putting into words how much I adore his never-ending creativity.  I’d be selling him short.

Instead of gushing, I worked up the courage to send Mr. Lewis a few questions regarding his newest project, The Bundles, a record that he cut with Kimya Dawson, Karl Blau, Jack Lewis, and Anders Griffen.  Their powers have combined to form what is K Records’ answer to the Wu-Tang Clan and The Traveling Wilburys.

What follows are those questions, with his answers, as well as a few music videos that are well worth your time.  Check it all out!

1.  How did The Bundles record get done?

Recorded and mixed by Karl Blau on some kind of ancient analogue machine at Dub Narcotic studios downstairs from the K Records office in Olympia, Washington, over about 2 days in 2009.

2.  Why do you make music?

I don’t know, I still find it hard to consider what I do “music,” it’s more like making songs.  I’m always trying to find ways to distract myself, like when I’m supposed to be working on drawing comic books I sometimes distract myself by making up songs.

3.  What records, off the top of your head, greatly changed the way you thought about music?

Daniel Johnston’s albums “1990,” “Fun,” “Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair” and others.

“Dragnet” by the Fall.

“White Light/White Heat” by the Velvet Underground.

Those are some big ones for me, off the top of my head.


5 Worthwhile Jeffrey Lewis Musical Projects

1.  End Result from 12 Crass Songs

2.  To Be Objectified from Em Are I

3. Jeffrey Lewis, Herman Dune, Jack Lewis – Louie, Louie/Cut Your Hair (Pavement)

4. Magnet Magazine Film @ 11

5. Jeffrey Lewis History Channel Video Series