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The Roar of the Masses Could be Farts

David from An Uncontrollable Urge and I decided to recommend records to each other and then have a bit of a dialogue about each.

I sent him the new Woven Bones, In and Out and Back Again.  He pushed me towards the new Pack AD, We Kill Computers.


Hit this link here to read our Pack AD conclusions.

Here are the results from our Woven Bones discussion:

David: Going in to this, all I knew of Woven Bones was that one song they had on that Casual Victim Pile compilation of Austin music Matador Records put out a few months back. Their contribution to that record was pretty good, so this record should be pretty good, right?

Right on. Garage fuzz that seems somehow energetically laid back. The rhythm section keeps things driving, but the singer sounds tired and cranky. Actually, this band sounds like I feel for about an hour after I wake up every day. Or how I would feel all the time if I never showered, brushed my teeth, or drank coffee.  But, y’know, riffier.

Corey: I couldn’t think of a good way to respond to your Woven Bones piece cuz I suck at writing.  Plus you summarized their sound pretty concisely.  Then Sunday morning came along, and I had to work at 8:30, without any coffee in me.  I woke up too late to chug a couple cups and would have to suffer for the first half hour in a foul mood until the drug kicked in.  I got busy doing my tedious grunt work and I decided to put on the new Woven Bones.   Twenty minutes later, I found myself buzzing on caffeine and singing along to “Guess You Already Knew.”  I was the happiest I had been in several hours.  Then, Little Stevie’s Underground Garage miraculously came on the radio for maybe an hour and a half and the morning ended up being alright.  The moral of the story being: Woven Bones can turn even the worst situation into a mediocre one!