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Concert #34: Machines with Magnets 9/15/10

September 15, Machines with Magnets, Pawtucket: Gila Monster, Red Mass, Holy Sheet, An Albatross, AIDS Wolf

First off: Machines with Magnets is a very nice and classy spot but I think the show would’ve been way more fun at 17 Mules (RIP), aka where the show was originally booked.

Captain Obvious says: I couldn’t help thinking throughout the night that putrid and chaotic no-wave/skeeze punk needs to be seen in a dirty warehouse to be fully appreciated.  There needed to be more barf stains, butt cheeks, and rats.

Exciting news!  I have amateur photography to prove I in fact did attend this show and will have even more mediocre pics from now on!

Local homies Gila Monster were good and feisty, as usual.  Enjoyed their general spazziness and forceful noise.  Could’ve cut the set a little shorter, since there were five bands on the bill, and things didn’t get started til late.

Felt samesies with the length of the Red Mass set, too.  I enjoyed some of the  songs, a few were just plain bbbbborrrring.  My attention span is limited.  I expected a little more over-the-top shtick or something from Roy Vucino from CPC Gangbangs.  They’re from Montreal, by the way.

I thought Providence’s home grown Holy Sheet were fantastic and sick and they twisted my nipples.  I was kinda pooped and their set actually woke me up enough to stick around and check out An Albatross.  Plus they played a tighter, shorter set compared to everyone else.  Their singer was on point and disturbed.  Welcome back, yr a disgrace to society!

An Albatross were crazed metallic spazoids from Philadelphia.  I dug them but they seemed like they went on playing forever and whatever.  I gotta hand it to them, the crowd went pretty berserk.  The lead singer held them in the crack of his butt.

I simply had no energy left for AIDS Wolf and, from what I hear, they were underwhelming, and didn’t miss much.

Hope some new warehouse shows spring up soon…

Anything to add, or subtract, do so in the comments section.