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Dinosaur Jr Blasts Your Butt

These were the videos I used as evidence that Dinosaur Jr are the best band ever, or at least the loudest.

Help me out if you know of any others…

1.  Being a recent graduate of Umass, I am stunned by the amount of people who showed up to this show.  Who the hell put this on? The blistering intensity of the mosh pit, behind the fuckin’ Fine Arts Center, must’ve made Mr. Mascis happy, being a former student of THE ZOO himself.

Quest @ UMass-Amherst 5/9/1993

Little Fury Things/Freak Scene @ Umass-Amherst 5/9/1993

2.  The pinnacle of my video research: Dinosaur Jr on The Jenny Jones Show

Never Bought It

Out There

3.  The Lung – 4/15/2005

The original threesome, reunited and playing together for the first time on national TV.  Proceed to tear the fuckin’ roof off.

4.  Almost Ready – 4/30/2007

David Letterman Loves Dinosaur Jr.