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Live Music Heaven: September 15-18

Sex Sux (Amen) loves going to musical events, also known as concerts, gigs, partays, happenings, and orgies.  The next few days the Providence and Boston areas are going to experience the biggest shin-digs of the year, I shit you not.

Overall, the sheer amount of bands coming into the area might have an over-whelming effect on even the most experienced scenester hipster indie-rock snob slobber.

Fortunately for you, the unsure concert-goer, Sex Sux (Amen) is here to guide you through the saucy mucky muck of corporate evil-doers and into the blissful explosive glory of all that is exciting and magical in the world of local music.

What You Should Go To on Wednesday September 15:

Aids Wolf, An Albatross, Holy Sheet, Red Mass, Gila Monster, 8 bucks, 8pm @ Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket, RI

I wrote at length about Gila Monster a few months ago.  Red Mass are the newest Roy Vucino project aka the guy from Montreal who ran the legendary CPC GangbangsHoly Sheet are one of my favorite bizarro musical groups from Providence.  They haven’t played in a while, this is an exciting occasion for all reptiles in the area.  An Albatross I don’t know much about but are surely not as terrifying as Aids Wolf, the noise rock kingpins of all of America except Alaska, blame Fuhrer Palin.

If epic, extremely exciting, mind-expansion noise-rock isn’t yr favorite thang in the galaxy, or if yr broke, there is another cool and free event:

Free: The Shield Around the K @ AS220 Providence, RI

K Records rules, duh.  Also, it’s free.

Based on Sex Sux (Amen) Principle, I Don’t Recommend Going To:

Sleigh Bells, Triangle Forest @ The Met, Pawtucket, RI

Pitchfork-loved, post-MIA bungholes, brought to you by the least interesting radio ever, 95.5 WBRU, for 9.95 dollars.  Kind of a killer poop sandwich.

True Story: I started doing radio to combat the mediocrity of WBRU.

If You Live in Boston, Go To:

Nomo @ The Middle East Upstairs, Boston, MA, 12$

Afro-beat group from Michigan taking cues from Fela Kuti.  Not to be confused with Red Sox folk hero Hideo Nomo:

The Mixed Feelings Tour:

Thursday September 16: Of Montreal @ The House of Blues, 25-30 dollars

I don’t know about this one.  Do I enjoy concerts that go all-out towards the theatrical aspect and forget about the quality of music?  Of Montreal had an excellent three-record run (Satanic Panic, Sundlandic Twins, Hissing Fauna) but have kind of fallen off lately.  OH: new record out today, called False Priest.

If you haven’t seen them before, go at least once.  If you have a free extra ticket, give it to me.  Otherwise, I won’t be there.  Plus, House of Blues is run by scary people.

If Yr in Providence Friday, September 17:

What Cheer? Brigade, Extraordinary Rendition Band, Garlic and Moonshine, Raw Lip, Naftali Avari, Devil Eyes @ The Homestead, Providence

Prawk! Attacks: Benefit to support Providence HO

I’ve wrote about Devil Eyes before and even spoke with them!!
What Cheer? Brigade are veterans of the Providence marching band wizards scene.

If Yr in Boston Friday, September 17:

The Strange Boys, Those Darlins @ TT the Bear’s, $10-12

The Strange Boys are my second-favorite band playing this weekend.  If my work schedule allows it, I’ll finally see them live.  Think Daniel Johnston fronting Blonde on Blonde-era Dylan.  I fucking love The Strange Boys and In the Red Records.

“Those Darlins are comprised of three extremely fetching young women playing country punk rawk with an abundance of delicious raw energy.”

I wrote that once.  Still true.

The Mixed Feelings Tour, Part 2

Broken Social Scene @ The Boston House of Blues, 25-35$

Excellent live, mediocre on record since their self-titled gem, released in 2005.  Expensive, at a crappy venue.  With the Sea and Cake, kinda legends!  Dam, would’ve been a tough decision if not for The Strange Boys.

What You Can’t Miss Saturday, September 18:

Thee Oh Sees @ Firehouse 13, Providence, 10$

One of my favorite bands playing cheaply in John Dwyer’s hometown.  Hmm…



If You Miss Thee Oh Sees, It Must Be Because You’re Going To:

Big Boi @ Brown University

I guess you had to be a student at Brown to get the hook up.  Heard he’s doing loads of Outkast songs, I request Rosa Parks, please.

If You’re Stuck in Boston with No Way to Get to Providence:

Tobacco @ The Middle East, Dowstairs, Boston, 12$

This might be my favorite track of 2010:

Pavement @ The Agannis Arena, Boston, 40-70$

Good thing I have tickets to see them in NYC, more to come on them, surely.

Concert #13: Heavy Trash @ Club Hell

I showed up last night just in time to catch openers The Cobra-Matics, a straight-a-head rockabilly group from Providence.  The highlight of their performance came when the Heavy Trash stand-up bassist came out and raged out a jaw-dropping guitar solo.  Overall, The Cobra-Matics were tight and true to their rockabilly throwback style.  Nothing out-of-the-box, though.  That would be saved for later on.

During the intermission I noticed I was the youngest person in the crowd by around 8-1o years.  Either I was the least hip person in the room or I am already an aging hipster.  Leaning towards the latter.

Big ups to the guy in the New Bomb Turks shirt!  I wish you had been more talkative and less “fucked up.”  His words, not mine.

Anyways, Jon Spencer, Heavy Trash lead singer and minor rock God, has charisma spurting from his pores.  The magnetism he exhibits naturally creates his slicked back hair-do.  John Spencer doesn’t need hair gel.  He is that bad-ass.

The dude puts forth so much energy in his performance I could hardly believe he was still standing after a full hour into the set.  He played roughly an hour and fifteen minutes, barreling his four-piece crew through psycho-billy cuts from all three of the Heavy Trash records.  They didn’t stop playing, ever.

OK, they stopped once: Jon Spencer peed once, during the encore break.

My favorite part of the night was the last song before their encore break.  Heavy Trash dove into the psychedelia of their personality, building up a song into a weird, mentally crippling frenzy, and eventually creating an explosion of epic proportions.

I could’ve left then, satisfied that I basked in the glory of Jon Spencer.  Nope.  He was not done.  Heavy Trash came out to play another five or six tracks, before I had to leave to hunt down some late night snacks.

Please check out Heavy Trash, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, or Pussy Galore: