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Groveling Obeisance #7/Upcoming Local Show: Devil Eyes

When you blew out those candles on your last birthday cake, what did you wish for?  World peace? Your secret crush (Sarah Palin) to finally bang you?  Free footlong subs, personally made by Jared Fogle, from Subway?

If you wished for “demented Montreal punks to tour through Providence,” your weird hopes will finally be achieved!

Thursday night those dreams will be realized: Devil Eyes are coming to Building 16, a sweet space found in the bowels of Olneyville, Providence.  Email me for directions…

Check out the first track from their self-titled LP: Rip My Heart Out

Plus, they are playing with these other crazy cats:

Blood Huff, Blister Pack, Univox, and Night Burger

I sat down with Devil Eyes’ Matt Kober and discussed the most important issues the world is facing today:

1.  Why do you make music?

It’s better than a kick in the ass.  Usually.

2.  What records, off the top of your head, greatly changed the way you thought about music?

Butthole Surfers – Hairway to Steven
Paul Leary showed me how to murder a guitar proper, this record freaks me out so much I still listen to it every other month.  “I Saw an X Ray of a Girl Passing Gas” is one of the most perfect rock songs ever written.

Captain Beefheart – Troutmaskreplica
This record transcends everything, it’s pure punk.  I think listening to it will actually fragment your brain.

Sun City Girls – Dantes Disneyland Inferno
it’s like blood in your ears, some stuff will stay with you for life

Old Time Relijun – 2012
Exuma – Exuma
both these records i consider actually dangerous to play, you gotta be prepared for crazy shit to happen, they draw up some crazy voodoo

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Burnin’
listen to bob marley.

3.  What is your favorite smell?

Emily, bassiste of Devil Eyes and my wife always smells like cupcakes even after a show, and i love that.


Heavy Trash Tonight @ Club Hell, Coathangers @ AS220

Heavy Trash, featuring John Spencer from the incredible John Spencer Blues Explosion, are playing at Club Hell tonight in Providence:

The Coathangers are playing at AS220:

I am going to try and see both shows!