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Concert #20: Health @ Great Scott

Concert #20: Health, Indian Jewelry, The Death Set, Golden Panda @ Great Scott, Allston June 19

Golden Panda – Groove-centric slow-building glitch-hop.  My head was nodding and I spaced out quite a bit.  All good reactions, as far as I’m concerned.  Good stuff, Golden Panda!  Keep that laptop a-rockin’!

The Death Set – I think my friend Barry called them the Rancid of the hipster sect.  I never remember any Death Set tunes but I do remember their antics.  Like when one of the dudes scaled the ceiling and hung off a pipe like a punk monkey.  They covered Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissings” to end the set.  It rocked, it rolled.  Best part of their set, duh.

My buddy Ian (Friendship Bracelet) and I discussed a hypothetical band that only does Nirvana and Sha Na Na covers, calling themselves Nirvanana.

Indian Jewelry – I either had no patience to watch an abrasive band or these guys are simply not good.  I might not have had the right mind-set to watch something so avant-garde.  Maybe my taste isn’t evolved enough.  I tried pretending I was watching Throbbing Gristle and that didn’t work.  It was too hot in the Great Scott for me to care. I didn’t check them out before I went.  Maybe prior knowledge would’ve enhanced my understanding of their performance.

Actually, you know what, fuck it.  I’m going to stop making excuses.  They sucked.  I have good taste.  They were boring and I sat outside during their entire set.  So there, you smarty-pants who is disagreeing with me as you read this.

I believe in myself:

(Note: He’s a fucking Senator.  Kiss my ass, The United States of America Rules).

Health – Were obviously amazing and less like Big Black than the last time I saw them and had a little more expansive, flourishing parts to their songs and there were times they approached high musical achievements and I felt a deep sense of euphoria.  I think this was the third time I’ve seen them and it was the best/most knowledgeable crowd and I still love their percussion section.  Best export of the LA scene smelly thing.  RIP Mika Miko.