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Groveling Obeisance #14: The Intelligence

One of my favorite pastimes in college was driving around late at night on weekends and yelling insults to the inebriated morons stumbling around the streets.  Quite often I’d find hundreds of these belligerent butt-heads all gathered around a bus stop and I’d blast the weirdest/loudest song possible and delight in their puzzled/angry reactions.

The number one greatest harassment story I can’t print here, let’s just say I’m a bad person and leave it at that…

The number two greatest harassment embarrassment came when I had the iPod on shuffle and one of the greatest scary tracks of all-time came screaming out of my speakers: Moon Beeps, from The Intelligence, off Deuteronomy.

Seemingly sent from the Gods of crazed filth, the screeching guitar line and alien zombie production from that track totally over-whelmed the beefy frat hippos and their sorority slaves.

The Intelligence totally killed their buzzes, bro.

Damn, that record is relentlessly disgusting and fun.

After that night, I began listening to Deuteronomy on the reg, and built a slightly-creepy shrine dedicated to Lars Finberg.  Kinda looks like this:

Before I reveal too much (I think I already have), I’m going to show off the recent conversation I had with the lead man of The Intelligence (and drummer of the A-Frames), the aforementioned Mr. Lars Finberg (cue applause).


1.  Why do you make music?

Lars Finberg: i’m not sure, only God given talent I guess, though that seems it might be the fruitcake of God given gifts in the Christmas of life and you don’t have to have been good to get it. I just can’t concentrate on anything else almost like a brain malfunction: When someone is yelling at me or explaining safety precautions on the job site my brain shuts down and starts up drum beats and lyrics and basslines (most of them terrible).

2.  What records, off the top of your head, greatly changed the way you thought about music?

LF: Someone showed me the intro drumbeat to “Purple Haze” while they questionably played the intro, seeing that that’s all it really took to make music I was excited. Much later hearing the Country Teasers “Satan is Real Again’ had a big effect and I threw a lot of records into the trash, it was so sparse and direct and authoritative. Karate Party’s first and only 7” made me get them back out of the trash and want to be punk again.

3.  Where is your favorite place to play?

LF: there is a basement in Torino, Italy where the photo for the new LP was taken, that place is fantastic. They get so excited, they took this little tiny guy and passed him around and smashed him up into the ceiling 4 or 5 times and placed him on his feet in front of the drums and he sprayed puke all over with this big weird smile.  That might be my favorite room but Paris is my favorite city to play it feels great to get to go there, “Hey Dad i’m on a BUSINESS trip with free wine’!

4.  What is your favorite dance move?

LF: I can do the ‘threading the needle’ and i can also do the ‘devo flip’, that’s how I captured my fiance but without heath insurance i’ve put them away for now.

The Intelligence have a new record out on In The Red Records, Males. The rad cover art appears at the top of this post.

Plus they’re going out on tour, including the Todd P show on Halloween in NYC, gotta check that out.  Also, this is an excellent interview.

(Photo copped from The Intelligence Myspace, shot by John Dwyer)