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The Five Sick Records I’ve Been Listening to A Bunch Lately

I’ve hit a nasty streak with finding *new music lately.  Coincidentally, the Red Sox have been playing like beasts lately.  I believe there’s a connection there.

*When I write the word “new,” I mean the music has been recently heard by me.  I’m not so into the whole “dry-humping a band with a smidge of young talent” thang.  Sex Sux (Amen) is not that kind of bleg.  Bloog.  Blag.

1.  Double Dagger – More – Thrill Jockey

Hate to ruin the surprise, but in my Whartscape review I rant on for a damn long time about Double Dagger’s transcendent performance.  Stay tuned for that (I’ll post later today, most likely).  In the meantime, check out this entire record.  Then, find the rest of Double Dagger’s music, and listen to that, too.  I dare you to dislike it.

2.  Male Bonding – Nothing Hurts – Sub Pop

I can’t quite put my finger on what make me obsessed with this record. Do me a solid and check it out, bro.

3.  Mi Ami -Watersports – Quatersick/Touch and Go

I keep driving around and blasting the “Latin Lover” single by Mi Ami, freaking as many normal people as I can.  I finally realized they probably have more weirdo awesome music and got around to hearing one of their excellent recordings.  Here’s a nasty live video:

[Vimeo 3609120]

4.  Bruce Springsteen – Tunnel of Love – Columbia

I’ve been having a terrible, awful, decently wonderful Springsteen listening explosion lately.  It all started with Nebraska…

And then I bought seven Broose records at Salvation Army for seven dollars.

Really, truly, if you parse through the earnest corniness and find a few striking tracks by the boss, he is remarkable.

I heard this song off of “Tunnel of Love” and remembered The Mendoza Line covering it on their last record, “Final Reflections of the Legendary Malcontent.”

(Note Shannon McArdle’s pretty vocals.  One of my favorite singers ever).

5.  Stiff Little Fingers – Inflammable Material – Restless Records

I want to learn to play this song so I have a song in my canon that automatically sets off a mosh pit.