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Titus Andronicus Will Win

Titus Andronicus has put out my favorite record of the year so far: The Monitor.

Patrick Stickles summarizes the weirdness that has hit America the past few years and how smart people must deal with it.

My friend Alex saw them play recently.  He has a few words and photos to contribute to Sex Sux (Amen):

I first saw Titus Andronicus over a year ago. It was my birthday, and to celebrate I drank a bottle of whiskey and headed to Webster Hall to catch a Man Man show. Titus Andronicus opened, and I heard none of their music. Instead, I spent the majority of their set screaming insults at the band, shouting them down and belligerantly calling for Man Man to perform. I actually said ‘this is like waiting for the Obama presidency with Bush still in office!” And that made no sense at the time, as Obama hadn’t even won the election yet.

Anyways, Titus Andronicus came to campus [Fordham University in the Bronx] a few weeks ago and played a show for our coffee house. The performance was spectacular fun, and I noted a hint of shame as I looked back on that fateful night in 2009. They were even nice enough to sign my moleskin, which fell out of my back pocket and was lost in the bro pit. A friend returned it.

A More Perfect Union: