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5 Pieces of Music I Guarantee You Will Like…

Here are 5 musical specimens that you will enjoy.  I guarantee it or your money back.

Playing in Providence September 18!!!!!!

Groveling Obeisance #8: The Procedure Club

One of the more significant musical projects during my college radio DJing days over at 91.1 FM WMUA was cataloging the immense 7 inches/singles collection found there.  Stuff had been jammed here and there throughout the studio, non- alphabetized, and generally neglected.  There were huge amounts of musical history leaking out of every corner of the place, mostly promotional vinyl from the late 80s to the present.  (Note: the LP’s and CD’s are in good shape.)

I took on that horribly tedious organizational yet rewarding task over the summer of 2008.  Through that process I grew a new appreciation for those who set the ground-work for modern punk rock, DIY music.

How else would I have found out about the old Slumberland bands, the weirder K Records and Sub Pop stuff, The Vaselines, and the Galaxie 500 “Tugboat” single, among other things?

Sex Sux (Amen) would not exist without those labels and bands and 7”s.

Which brings us to another round of Groveling Obeisance, from The Procedure Club, a duo from New Haven, Connecticut.  These two have produced some hazy, gritty tunes that I could have easily stumbled upon back in that summer of crate digging.  I would’ve spun these guys on my show fourteen times a week, before finding another Mudhoney banger to over-play.

Check out their newest on Slumberland, Doomed Forever.

Andrea and Adam were sweet enough to stop by the Sex Sux (Amen) studios and admit to us some down-right peculiar notions:


1.  Why do you make music?

i have no idea.

2.  What records, off the top of your head, greatly changed the way you thought about music?

we’re all going to say Ariel Pink like the Doldrums or something. and i think that’s probably true.

3.  Tom Cruise recently came out with the movie Knight and Day and was one of his worst flops ever.  What is your favorite Tom Cruise film and why?

Braveheart. I like his hair.


1.  Why do you make music?

I make music because i have this impatient weird urge coming from the inside of my brain. Even as a child, the urge has always made me emit weird sounds and beatbox over them. I must have looked like a freak child to people. Also, before Procedure Club happened, I remember  having a dream where i saw a band play the most ideal music. The music in that dream sounded somewhat like Procedure Club sounds now.  It was melodic but at the same time it was chaotic and noisy, full of glitches and mistakes and very sweet and dreamy vocals.  Making music to me is like scratching the itch that’s in my brain.

2.  What records, off the top of your head, greatly changed the way you thought about music?

Ariel Pink’s Doldrums and John Maus’ “songs”. They both made me wanna record by whatever means available to me.  Both albums were so playful and full of good ideas. Although our music doesn’t sound like either album, the playfulness and sheer creative genius of Ariel and John made me wanna record and not hold back any of my ideas.

3.  Tom Cruise recently came out with the movie Knight and Day and was one of his worst flops ever.  What is your favorite Tom Cruise film and why?

Top Gun. The gayest movie ever

Groveling Obeisance #1: Girlfriends

Boston’s best damn garage rock scumbags, known as Girlfriends, recently gained my undivided attention after I heard their new digital 7 inch via the excellent blog Anti-Gravity Bunny.

(photo via myspace.com/girlfriendsus)

The trio (Benny, Jenny, Andy) perform down-to-earth, sweet and fuzzy tunes, channeling the flawless pop sensibilities of The Kinks and the twisted lyrical chomp of The Vaselines.

Incidentally, they rip and roar through “The Day I Was A Horse” (The Vaselines) on the B-side of their new 7-inch.

To summarize: Girlfriends write smart, addicting, and memorable pop tunes that make my mouth water and my ears dance.

They’re the first band I have entered into the Sex Sux (Amen) ongoing dialogue with musicians and other interesting cultural figures that will be forever categorized under the Lester Bangs-inspired title  “Groveling Obeisance.”

The brief interview that follows occurred via email:

1. Why do you (collectively or individually) make music?

Benny sez: cos if i put out some records then i’ll LIVE FOREVER

Jenny sez: i make music because it’s FUN and i can’t not do it. if i didn’t do it, i’d be a sad sack.

Andy sez: i make music with jen and ben because they like ice cream.  i have been in bands before that were vegan or lactose-intolerant and it’s like come on people let’s go.

2.  What records, off the top of your head(s), dramatically changed your perspective on music?  7 inches/45’s count.

Benny sez: ‘johnny b goode’ by chuck berry was my first favorite song but i didnt have it on record i just requested it on oldies 103.3 every request hour. my parents would dial the phone over and over and once we got through the busy signals i’d yell that or ‘chain gang’ (by sam cooke) in the phone

Jenny sez: i don’t know about dramatic changes. i tend to see my tastes and influences as slowly evolving. madonna made me want to perform when i was 4. kim gordon made me want to play music that is both understated and badass. i’m bad at picking specific things.

Andy sez: “i just called to say i love you” changed my perspective about key changes.  you can just keep going up and up and up and up!
also “percolator” by billy joe & the checkmates changed my perception of using musical instruments to mimic the sounds of kitchen objects.  plus i love coffee.

BONUS: Be sure to check out Girlfriends’ Band In Boston Flophouse Sessions!