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Nina Nastasia: Underground Queen

Nina Nastasia is one of the most talented and least-discussed musicians in the underground community.

Her songs combine raw beauty with deep insight into the human psyche.  Heartbreaking, dark, and witty.

All killer, no filler.

Did I fail to mention she has one of the most intensely gorgeous voices of modern times?

I am ecstatic to hear she has a new record coming out June 7, Outlaster, on FatCat Records.

As usual, the album will be produced by Steve Albini.

Hear a new track:

You\’re A Holy Man

Watch a video of her performing Cry, Cry Baby. (Via Pitchfork)

Tinymixtapes wrote a superb review of Run to Ruin earlier this year.

Cokemachineglow placed The Blackened Air at #63 in their top 100 records of the 2000’s.

Note: Cokemachineglow’s list is the best top of the 2000’s by any major indie publication.